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The Eiffel Bonbons - Candies of the Old and New Generations

Updated on August 31, 2011
try them for yourself :)
try them for yourself :)

It was not only the kids ofFrancebut also other countries that had had experiences in tasting the Eiffel Bonbons. Yes, you heard it right. Thanks to the candy being an uncommon French confection, those who might have tasted it won’t likely forget the sense of taste that the candy is capable of offering.

Formerly available from the Foreign Language Fundraising Division of the Foreign Candy Company, Inc., the Eiffel Bonbons can now be obtained at most of the wholesale as well as retail markets in existence out there. Thanks to that, kids of today’s generations will also know how their parents felt when they were kids eating the candy during their childhood time. There are not few adults out there who grew up consuming the Eiffel Bonbons.

Manufactured as high class quality candies, the Eiffel Bonbons can be chewed for as long as the eaters feel like doing so. As a matter of fact, eaters of the candies will still be able to feel how the Green Apple and Strawberry Tart flavors feel even after they have finished chewing the candies for quite a long time. Yet, to make it even better, consumers can also opt for those that come in the fruity flavors.

Consumers eating this particular candy fromEiffelwill know that the candies look like colored spheres which are reasonably small in size. On the outside, they are powdered. To make it clearer, those that have ever consumed Smarties will have a picture of how the Eiffel Bonbons can be.

Take the Strawberry flavor as an example. The coating is powdery and, apparently, sweet. Somehow, it feels like it has some sorts of dextrose coating that is compressed in quite a crumble way. Of course, there is a light touch of strawberry that makes the candy feel sweet.

In addition to all that said above, the Eiffel Bonbons are also capable of offering an unprecedented amount of nutrition for the consumers. Take the calorie contained in the candy as an example. Each serving of the Eiffel Bonbons contains 140 calories with 20 calories obtained from fat.

For those that are willing to buy the Eiffel Bonbons either for sale or for their own consumption, it should not be so hard as the candies are of a unique kind. When it is bitten, it feels like some sorts of pillow. Most will want another pack after trying to consume the first pack.


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