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The Food Diary: Aloo Ki Bhujia/ Cucumber Omelette

Updated on July 29, 2017

So I got up again at 6 PM after having eaten at around 4 AM in the morning, the kitchen was diligently manned by my mother. She was cooking something in a large karahi pot, and when I inquired what she is attending so diligently, she replied, “I don’t know, anything your father may be bringing any minute,” So with my stomach growling, I returned to my room and managed a scathing article on an empty stomach.

After a few minutes she cleared. So I marched back into the kitchen with four medium sized potatoes. It was time to make Aloo ki Bhujiya, which is lightly curried slices of potatoes with a bit of broth.

So I deskinned the potatoes, making sure I take as little off the fleshy root itself. Then I sliced them into slightly wider slices, very thin slices just dissolve in the curry, no one likes to eat anything without proper personality or character. I add a generous amount of oil in a suitable cooking pot, then I added flecks of ground chilli, chilli not ground to powder but which retains a bit of its texture, a tablespoon to be precise.

Then I added a teaspoon of turmeric, like I usually do in all my curries light or strong, I let it cook with the red chilli, then I add a tablespoon of cumin seeds, roasted cumin seeds are delicious, and give a nice roasted seeds aroma to the dish. I let it fry with the rest of the spices at a low heat, do not burn the spices, your curry will be black and will have a burned taste.

Then add your potatoes with salt to taste. Fry the potatoes at low heat for a few minutes then add a bit of water, three to four tablespoons to be precise. At this point I add a small tomato cut in small cubes, but we did not have any so I made the dish without it.

Some people might inquire as to why I didn’t add a small sliced onion, the answer to the question is that onion makes the dish sticky, I do not like stickiness in my potatoes at all. I like the slices free and separate from each other.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the potatoes to cook on medium heat. Cover the lid and cook until the potatoes are completely tender. Burn off the excess broth at high temperature for a few moments, let that oil rise to the surface.

I enjoyed my Aloo Ki Bhujiya with a roti, for which I prepare the flour and roll it out trying to get it thin, then I cook it on the tawa.

I enjoyed my Aloo Ki Bhujiya with a unique omelette that I tried today.

I have always somehow knew that cucumber can actually taste really nice if included in the egg omelette. So I took a small cucumber, add half of the medium sized one, deskinned it, cut it in little cubes and added it to the egg mixture together with a small cubed onion. Add a small sliced green chilli to it. I added a bit of salt to taste. I added a generous amount of oil in the pan, and let it heat, it is important to get your oil heated and at a suitably high temperature. Then I poured the egg mixture on the oil. It is important to let it cook completely on one side so that it does not break upon turning it to the other side, once it is cooked at medium heat for couple of minutes, it is time to turn it and cook it on the other side. Carefully use your flat spatula, slide it under the omelette, and slowly flip it over to the other side. It does not matter if it breaks. Two halves of the omelette are still good enough. I do not particularly like omelette scrambled though. I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t taste nice but it actually did.

Hearty meals in a home where there is resistance to food consumption is even more exciting. I hope you loved the dishes and that it can be quite simple to cook delicious food. Bon apetit.


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