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The Food Police Are After McDonald's

Updated on December 16, 2010

The Food Police Are After McDonald’s

In law school, there are actual case law evidencing people suing God – I read those cases for a laugh because it proved how litigious we had become and that there were many people out there who were candidates for the “rubber” room. There are reports that The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CPSI) is threatening to sue McDonald’s over its Happy Meals campaign. A few years ago, I would have chalked those who are threatening suit against McDonald’s, over its “Happy Meals” campaign, to those who have sued the Deity, but these people, who make up the “food police,” are educated… with, apparently, the time and money to engage in what I consider to be bogus litigation.

The CPSI must think that if you treat your children to McDonald’s Happy Meal, you must be a bad parent. CPSI’s beef – pun intended - with parents and McDonald’s is that the toy giveaway that comes with the purchase of a “Happy Meal” is the bait, which entices children to pressure their parents to go McDonald’s and purchase “Happy Meals.” The CPSI says that because these Happy Meals are full of fat and are unhealthy for the children, gives them the reason to litigate on children’s behalf; The CPSI further points to the rampant obesity in our society, which is responsible for many life threatening diseases - these people actually argue this point with a straight face. I supposed that parents that allowed their children to have Happy Meals are so dumb and abusive, that they need the CPSI to tell them how to take care of their children and to school us on the dangers of fatty foods and the like.

Let us supposed that the CPSI sued and some court, probably California’s Ninth Circuit, were to give this potential litigation credence – where does it stop? I now understand why those, like the CPSI, want to tell your children that they have the right to condoms and abortions without parental consent. Mind you, they are never around to provide food, shelter, and make the other tough house hold decisions, which affect our children - my bad, they probably want to make those decisions too.

For all of you members of the CPSI, go make your own babies and raise them as vegans – incidentally, I have it on good authority, by someone who went forward in time, that in the near future, that the carrot, along with other vegetables - will be considered a sentient being. As a consequence, CPSI parents will be charge with murder and their children as accessories. The carnivorous group spearheading this litigation on behalf of the carrot and other veggies will be known as Meat Eaters Galore (MEG).


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    • sueroy333 profile image

      Susan Mills 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      LOL! I love it! This is my favorite paragraph:

      "I have it on good authority, by someone who went forward in time, that in the near future, that the carrot, along with other vegetables - will be considered a sentient being. As a consequence, CPSI parents will be charge with murder and their children as accessories."

      My daughter is curious, regarding the law suit against God, who won?

      Voted up, funny and liked.

      Welcome to hubpages. I can see you're going to be a welcome addition to this wonderful place!!


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