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The Force is Lacking.

Updated on January 13, 2015
Flapjacks, pancakes, kettlecakes
Flapjacks, pancakes, kettlecakes

Star Wars Pancake Molds

Since 1977, millions of people around the world have become fans of the Star Wars series and since the fifth century people have created and enjoyed various forms of pancakes. That brings us to the Star Wars pancake molds. While they are impressive to look at, the actual experience is somewhat lacking.

The Star Wars Pancake Mold: Friend or Foe?

Most star wars fans, and perhaps pancake fans, would love to have a thick, buttery, syrupy, X-Wing Fighter, Tie Fighter, or Millennium Falcon as a delectable breakfast treat. That is why these marvelous molds ended up under the Christmas tree and why we could not wait to get our hands on them.

Upon viewing these molds on Amazon, I instantly fell in love. The thought of my favorite breakfast food being in the form of an X-Wing Fighter made my little heart jump. When we (my husband and I) opened this item on Christmas morning, we could not wait to make breakfast but since it was Christmas day it would have to wait.

That night I remember that some of the reviews on Amazon were quite negative, but ray of sunshine broke though the gray and made us very happy. This reviewer stated that if you butter (or grease) the interior sides of the molds your pancakes will not stick, this individual stated that the pancakes will beautiful and on the verge of perfect. Hopeful we rushed to the kitchen, plugged up the griddle, buttered the molds and attempted at created beautiful Star Wars pancakes.

Sadly, no matter how much butter we used on the molds, the pancakes just kept sticking. Our pancakes looked as if they had been to battle and barely survived. Not only did the pancakes stick, but the batter had a difficult time staying inside of the mold and cleaning the molds was almost impossible.

In the end, these beautifully designed Star Wars pancake molds are more foe than friend, but there is a silver lining. Although they are not a wonderful product, they are something to behold and make great wall decorations.

The Battle Was Lost

The Fighters

Hope is Not Lost

Although I was not successful in creating Star Wars pancakes, hope is not lost. You might be successful and if you are I'd love to hear your story. If you are not successful, fret not the molds are beautifully made and make wonderful decorations. May the force be with you.


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