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The Fuel for GMO: Monsanto

Updated on June 2, 2013
The creators of the eye-opening documentary King Corn
The creators of the eye-opening documentary King Corn | Source

Monsanto the Monster

Jerry Rosman was an Iowa swine farmer until he started growing GMO corn. Without second thought, he fed the cheap grain to his pigs. Before long, they were all infertile and Jerry was bankrupt. GMO corn is the most subsidized crop in Iowa; farmers are actually promoted to grow it through government subsidies. At the end of each season there are mountains of corn stacked tall. But not the delicious, succulent corn we know and love; this corn is not even edible in its original- on the cobb- state. It has no flavor before it goes through a rather scientific process that transforms the corn chips into a cheap substitute for sugar, popularly known as “corn syrup.” The corn that does not infiltrate our direct food system is being fed to our livestock.

Cows are meant to eat grass; their insides are crafted in such a way that grass is necessary for proper development, digestion, and health. Eating an all corn diet literally tears a cow’s stomach apart by creating an extremely acidic environment known to tear painful holes in the cow’s gut. Cows that are corn fed are 80% more likely to carry diseases such as E coli and while more risky to eat, they don’t provide nearly the same nutritional content of grass-fed beef. We are coming to find corn-fed beef is worse for us than no beef at all. The consequences of this will be seen in years to come; we are the lab rats for GMO. Which by the way has not been coined “safe” for human consumption, yet all of us probably consumed some today- willingly or not.

Despite all these setbacks, GMO corn remains popular as a cheap way to quickly fatten up cows. A cow can be ready for slaughter in fifteen short months on a corn diet, yet if they were not slaughtered so young they would quickly die on their own- their insides a wreck from their inadequate diet. This corn doesn’t just make cows fat, since “corn syrup” and other GMO products have infiltrated food supplies, the obesity rate has steadily inclined.

Another pile of modified corn ready to taint our food supply.
Another pile of modified corn ready to taint our food supply.

The Face Behind GMO: MONSANTO

Born in 1901 as a pharmaceutical company, Monsanto has had a long and legally challenging past. For many years they were a leader in chemical production, eventually producing the Roundup products many consider a staple in pest control. Farmers were unable to use these harsh pesticides on crops because of the detrimental effects they have on natural plants. Therefore, Monsanto created a loophole, a way for farmers to use their pesticides in mass quantities; they genetically engineered a seed that does not die from pesticides, in fact Monsanto forces farmers to layer these crops in the dangerous mist.

Under heat but still conducting business, with a record like Monsanto any average Joe would be locked away by now. Here’s an overview of only a small percent of the damage and destruction Monsanto has spun in the last several decades...

  • 1965-1972, Monsanto hired contractors to dump their highly toxic waste into UK landfills. The company was fully aware that these chemicals would harm the surrounding people and environment.
  • On board with herbicidal warfare, Monsanto helped create the chemical known as Agent Orange which caused extreme deformities.
  • In Iowa, there has been an 80% decline in Monarch butterflies since the widespread use of GMO crops began in 99. "When we put something out there,” John Pleasants, a monarch researcher from Iowa stated, “we don't know always what the consequences are."
  • Farmer, Rodney Nelson found himself in the same situation as 145 other individual farmers sued by Monsanto for patent infringement. These are poor farmers being sued by a very powerful company, all because some seeds were accused of being replanted; where is the justice in that?
  • In Argentina, reports have now surfaced that Monsanto forced farmers to use a pesticide on their tobacco farms that caused “devastating birth defects.” The farmers were forced to give up native tobacco growing practices for Monsanto’s alternative. This alternate forced Argentinian farmers to use mass amounts of the company’s pesticide, Roundup. Because of its high concentration in glyphosate, the spike in nearby sick children is calling Monsanto responsible.
  • They have been identified by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency as being “potentially responsible party” for 56 contaminated sites in the US.
  • Milk with rBST, that’s them too! They love it actually and don’t want it to be reported on the labels because it dramatically reduces their profit. People don’t want milk with those chemicals but Monsanto does not care, they are livid about the labels; claiming their rights to cut cost and increase revenue is being infringed upon. In protest they started their own movement, one that claims rBST is not bad for us. Ironically, the only people backing this directly profit from Monsanto.
  • In 2005, charged with Foreign Corrupt Practices after caught bribing multiple high level Indonesian officials with sums of $50,000 in cocky hopes they would bend the rules on their environmental assessment.

For Monsanto’s financial gains, no cost seems too high. The company has a hideously humiliating track record. Despite having caused illness, poverty, and destruction to our people, animals, and environment, Forbs listed them as the 2010 company of the year. Based off of what, who can screw the planet up fastest? Money speaks so loud we often don’t hear the cries of our planet, people, and even loved ones. Even more sickening? All of us tax payers have collectively contributed $77 billion dollars to the GMO industry- and yet the kids in this nation are denied smaller class sizes.

Who’s making these decisions?


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    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 4 years ago from Brazil

      I live in Brazil and so many things are genetically modified. The soya here is used not just in oils, but also even in fruit juices! It is in animal feeds,it is just everywhere.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Great hub and right on the mark too! Congress must be in the pocket of this mega corporation.

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 4 years ago from Deep South, USA

      American consumers want GMOs labeled, but Congress is ignoring us. Petitions go the White House, there's a growing grassroots effort of people writing and calling their senators and representatives--all are ignored. Why? Monsanto has deep pockets, and their lobby can fund politicians' campaigns with millions of dollars in order to get special treatment. This is why the U.S. does not require GMOs to be labeled, although other countries do require it.

      The FDA is still refusing to consider an independent research study that proved the dangers of GMO consumption. The FDA, a government agency with the mission to protect American consumers, in fact protects only special interests, among them Monsanto and its patented GMOs. Any American who trusts the corrupt FDA is gullible, since it's controlled by a former Monsanto attorney and employee!

      It looks as though the only way Americans can protect themselves and their families from GMO foods is to grow organic gardens or buy all organic products when shopping. Yes, I know organics cost more, but "you pay now, or you pay later" in terms of health. Organic foods must meet certain standards and aren't allowed to contain GMOs. In fact, if you purchase organic eggs, the hens that lay them are not allowed to be fed GMO chicken feed. Look for the labels "USDA Certified Organic" and "Non-GMO Verified Project" on all fresh produce and packaged foods you buy in the grocery store. I practice what I preach--I don't buy anything that's not organic, and I don't eat in restaurants any more. Boycotts work, but only if enough people participate!

      Voted Up++


    • Spirit Bear profile image

      RaDonna Freeman 4 years ago from Colorado bound.....

      YOU TELL THEM!!!!