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The Health Benefits of Oregano

Updated on October 30, 2012

Oregano is a great herb. It is used both fresh and dried to enhance the flavor of a range of different types of recipes. And you know what? It's also good for you. Not all herbs and spices have terrific health benefits but many of them do and oregano is one of them. Oregano contains fiber, iron, calcium and manganese which help to benefit the body in a number of ways. Oregano is also an anti-bacterial product and a good antioxidant, characteristics that are also great for your health.

Oregano Is an Anti-Bacterial Herb

One of the leading health benefits of oregano is that it fights bacteria. We all know that bacteria in the body is a bad thing, leading to both mild and serious illnesses. Oregano helps to fight many of the problems associated with bacteria in the body, helping you to stay generally healthy on a day-to-day basis. In particular, oregano seems to fight off bacteria associated with food-borne illness. Unfortunately in today's world a lot of the food that we eat has been processed, packaged and transported in such a way that it's not healthy for us. Oregano in recipes can help counteract some of the risks that we take when eating these foods by limiting the likelihood that bacteria on the foods will affect us.

Oregano is a Good Source of Fiber

Herbs don't normally come to mind when you think about good fiber sources but maybe they should ... or this one should anyway. It contains a rich amount of fiber that's great for the body. Fiber helps to regulate the digestive system and even to fight off digestion-and-elimation-related diseases such as colon cancer. Of course, you will probably continue to get fiber from other sources as well (like fiber-rich cereals, for example) but it's nice to know that the benefits of fiber are benefits you get from adding oregano to your recipes.

Oregano is Rich in Iron

Iron is good for the body for a lot of different reasons. It helps boost the immune system. It provides higher levels of energy. It may even prevent some forms of cancer. Like with fiber, you are probably getting your iron from other sources in your diet. However, it's good to know that oregano is an herb that offers you some of that iron that you need.

Oregano Contains Calcium

The benefits of calcium are something we know a lot about which is why we all drink our milk, right? We want those strong bones and healthy teeth so that we don't develop problems such as osteoporosis when we get older. Oregano contains calcium which means that it offers health benefits related to stronger teeth and bones. Oregano also contains some manganese which aids further in strengthening the bones.

Oregano is Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for the body. They help with everything from anti-aging to preventing cancer. There are many great food sources for antioxidants but it never hurts to add another one to your list. In terms of herbs, oregano is right up there at the top for being a product that is filled with antioxidants. In fact, oregano may be richer in antioxidants than some of the fresh produce that you currently eat.

The benefits of oregano are best obtained when using fresh oregano in liberal doses. And of course this will only be one small part of a well-rounded healthy diet.


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    Nan 7 years ago

    New information on Oregano I am going to try using oregano for my health!