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The Healthiest Green Tea Selections for Your Health

Updated on March 14, 2015

Choosing the healthiest green tea brands for a good healthy body is a benefit every one of us could use. Managing a healthy body allows you to have greater energy levels. It also increases our protection from specific kinds of diseases and illness which can be limited with a daily intake of green tea.

Hot Brewed Green Teas

The most valuable green tea is regular hot brewed green teas. In green-tea drinking nations, the normal amount is three cups every day. In 2007 the USDA confirmed that regular green tea provides you with the healthiest green tea, delivering 127mg of catechins. This is twice the amount in decaffeinated green tea and triples that of flavored green tea and 10 times more catechins than instant or bottled green tea.

Healthy Green Tea
Healthy Green Tea | Source

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea powder is another kind of tea considered to be among the healthiest green tea products. It is harvested in Japan and utilized in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. It is prepared utilizing the leaves of tea trees. Once the leaves are gathered, they are steamed, dried and then further processed to get rid of the veins, stems and contaminations.

Only about 10% of what remains of the leaf is used to make this green tea. The substance titled the "tencha" is then ground into a fine powder. An ounce of matcha takes about one hour to produce. This is because grinding it at a faster pace would result in a burnt type of taste when the tea is consumed.

The Cost

Macha green tea can be quiet expensive. The cost per ounce of matcha green tea can be as high as one hundred dollars. Most matcha green tea substances are now ground by a high tech machine, which makes it more affordable for an ordinary tea drinker. Regardless of the grinding method used, the production of matcha involves a great deal of hand labor, skill and time.

Enjoy Macha Green Tea on Your Favorite Foods

Macha green tea can be made into an enjoyable treat. Because it is a power, it can be sprinkled on your favorite foods such as ice cream, soups, salads or you can mix it in your favorite shake or other beverage. Now you can enjoy one of the healthiest green tea products while you splurge a little on your diet.

Great Tasting Green Tea
Great Tasting Green Tea | Source

A Japanese Green Tea and Taste

Another green tea is Japanese green tea. This tea is from Yame which is a region of Fukuoka Prefecture and also from Uji a region of Kyoto. Japanese Sencha Green tea has a smooth taste that is not bitter tasting like some green teas. Some former coffee drinkers have turned to this type of green tea instead of a morning cup of coffee. Although it does contain caffeine, it is still known to work as a natural remedy for anxiety.

These three types of green tea brands can provide you with excellent health. Although they are different in many ways, they are good healthy choices.


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