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Self-Sufficient Living | Using The Homestead Top Bar Beehive

Updated on September 21, 2015

The Homestead Top Bar Beehive

The Homestead Top Bar Beehive is Like a Natural Habitat

The Homestead Top Bar Hive acts as a hollow log, giving bees a more natural habitat.

The Homestead-Top-Bar-Beehive is the ideal beehive for the backyard beekeeper. The new design is far superior to the standard square box style. The new hive boasts a wide range of features, including:

• 100% handmade from wood that’s 2 times thicker than the competition’s
• Temperature and humidity stabilized for the bees’ health and longevity
• Designed with floating ends for fast, easy access to the hive with minimal disturbance to the brood
• Observation window for studying your bees and checking on their progress
• Built to last a lifetime…yours and the bees’
• Built to use at workbench height…easy on your back
• 100% money-back guarantee on all workmanship

Measures 24" wide, 12" High, 46" Long and weights 90 lbs, the gable roof adds 8" of height. The gable roof is covered in tin. The hive is shipped unfinished, it is important that no finish is applied to the interior, recommended exterior finish is a simple coat of linseed oil and allow it to weather naturally.

What makes The Homestead Top Bar Beehive different from commercial hives and hobbyist beehives?

The Homestead Top Bar Hive works just like the hollow log on Grandpa’s Farm. It out performs standard commercial Hives or other Top Bar Hives. The Homestead Hive provides thicker wood that allows the bees to better maintain the optimum temperature and humidity × × Floating ends for easy access without ripping apart the brood × × × Attractive design you can put in any backyard or garden × × Easily divides your honey from the bees’ honey × × × Expandable with the Super, allowing hive to grow with the colony × × Bees determine the size of the cell they build × Allows you to harvest honey without destroying the comb × × Designed to last a lifetime × × Includes an observation window × ×

Temperature and Humidity Stabilized

The wood is twice as thick as any other hive on the market. This creates a natural, hollow-log like environment, helping the bees stabilize the humidity and temperature swings. The bees maintain a climate with 50% humidity and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is this important? As the temperature and humidity change throughout the day and night, the thicker wood—like a hollow log—takes on humidity and heat when there is too much and releases it when there isn’t enough. This creates a healthier, more stable environment for the bees, allowing them to direct their energy toward collecting nectar and pollen, rather than maintaining the interior climate. This lets the bees stay stronger and live longer. For you, this means you’ll get more honey from your bees.

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    • profile image

      Nancy Allard 

      5 months ago

      Does anyone have a "model" hive that was made by the "Amish Man" that a good craftsman could reproduce and get it circulating again. Maybe someone could pick up where he left off. Even a used hive would work for a model. Without the bees of course.

    • profile image

      Liz Stevens 

      6 months ago

      No, sorry the Amish man that was making them has passed on.

    • profile image

      Ricky Manning 

      6 months ago

      They are simple to make. Just a Top Bar w/ a Langstroth Hive set down on top of Top Bar. And a Hollow Log is Vertical in the Wild,w/ the Bees. Once it fall they leave the Log.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      This looks like a combination hive, Langstroth super for extra honey and Top bar living area. I Will try to make one of these. My grandfather used Cedar when he could for a reason as well.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Are there any plans available that we might make our own homestead hive?

    • lizstevens profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Houston Texas

      No, they are not. Sadly, the Amish builder has passed away that was making them.

    • profile image

      Adrienne Wimbush 

      2 years ago

      Any of these top bar hives still available?


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