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The Joys of Subway: A Royal Deal of 12-inch Goodness

Updated on November 28, 2010

A Royal Deal on 12-inch Goodness

Never is it more obvious that your favourite sandwiches don’t fall from the sky than when you’re stuck in a tower waiting for a prince to climb up your golden hair and rescue you.  Fortunately, before embarking on his mission to save Rapunzel, HRH Prince Charming received  Swarmjam’s Daily Jam notification that would compensate for his Majesty’s lack of personal hygiene. 

The Daily Jam promised any Classic 12-inch sub from the beloved sandwich makers at Subway with a 60% discount off the regular cost.  Without hesitation, His (portly) Royal Highness selected a variety of nutritional goodness for his cherished Rapunzel.  The unlimited combination of toppings, vegetables and sauces on fresh, fresh bread of nearly a dozen assortments left the lonely and ravenous Rapunzel breathless and joyful.  The sweet odours of the sandwiches’ delicacies also masked the potent smell of HRH’s perspiration.

This lifesaving deal is available at participating Subway stores all over Montréal .  To ensure that you are in tip top shape the next time you climb a golden braid up a tower to your princess, consult the Subway near you to determine which choices are lowest in calories and saturated fat.  Nutritional information is also available at

Since Rapunzel’s epic rescue, the couple has remained faithful to the sandwich artists that saved the princess’s life as well as the prince’s dignity.  His no-longer-portly Royal Highness spends his days harvesting organic vegetables and free range eggs, while Rapunzel has devoted her life to teaching yoga and healthy eating habits to portly princes.  You need only visit to bid on Subway’s DailyJam for a similarly happy ending to be yours! 


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    • Phil The Gain profile image

      Phil The Gain 7 years ago from Planet Earth

      I'm headed to Subway asap right after I finish this medicinal joint. Yaaaay munchies. Great article by the way.

    • profile image

      Hrh samuel 7 years ago

      This article changed my life! Thank you so much