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The Lemon Press - A Must for Every Kitchen

Updated on October 9, 2017

Lemons! One cannot imagine life without this tangy citrus addition to our meals! Whether it is to add zest to our juices or salads or to season our curries to enhance the taste – the inevitable choice are the lemons. With this being the case, the best invention in the market today is the Lime press. A good juicer should be able to squeeze the maximum liquid from the fruit. While a blender or a large electric juicer is used for large fruits, when it comes to lemons or oranges one needs to use a manual press.

How to Choose the Right Press

We do find innumerable such presses available in the market. But how to choose the right one? The best option would be to go in for a good quality metal press preferably made out of aluminum. This is because aluminum is strong and yet light. The citrus press should be easy to use too. All one needs to do is to slice the lemons or oranges in to halves and place them in the press hold slot to squeeze the juice out of them. The lever is so created so that one has to use minimal strength for maximum benefit.

Another great advantage is that the cleaning of the juicer is far easier and done in a jiffy. Just discard the squeezed out lemon or orange and wash the implement on running water.

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