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The Little Pie Maker | Fruit Pie | Meat Pie | Pocket Dough Turnover Machine

Updated on June 22, 2015
Pie Maker
Pie Maker
Completed crimped pie
Completed crimped pie
Place dough on dies and fill with fruit or meats
Place dough on dies and fill with fruit or meats
Crank crimp and cut all in one pass
Crank crimp and cut all in one pass
Finished baked pies, they can be deep fried as well.
Finished baked pies, they can be deep fried as well.
Close up of the die pocket.  Makes approx a 3" x 5" pie.
Close up of the die pocket. Makes approx a 3" x 5" pie.
Heavy duty construction
Heavy duty construction

This little hand crank commercial grade machine can crank out up to 200 fruit and meat pies per hour

A fold over pie dough filled with fruits, or meat mixtures have been a favorite dish for centuries in many different cultures and languages. Some may know them as fried fruit pies, turnovers, and meat pies.

Depending on the spice, meat blends and cultures or where you grew up you may know them as a pasty, Jamaican Patties, Empadas, Empanadillas, Empanadas, Lahmajoons, Samosas, Sanbusak, Stromboli's, Panzarottis, Pierogies, Pot Stickers, Calzone, Beerocks, Boeregs, or probably best known as a simple meat pie, fruit pie or turnover.

The pasty pie was a recipe brought over from Great Britain and the European Countries. More specifically the mixture of meat and vegetables such as turnip or rutabaga would better define the countries of origin.

In the United States the pasty pie became popular with miners who could easily carry them in their lunch pails. The pasty is still a popular pie meal for the Swedish, Scandinavian and Norwegian culture influenced states within the United States.

Up until now the homeowner and even the small bakery and restaurant owner couldn’t afford a pie making machine to make and roll out these popular pies in any quantity for frying or baking.

Their only option would be to roll out the pie dough, fill and then hand fold and crimp to edges. A commercial duty machine could cost nearly $2000, just too large and expensive for a standard home to a small commercial size kitchen.

The Little Pie Maker uses rolled pie dough. Simply place a square of rolled out dough over the top fill with fruits or meat mixes and roll. The machine cuts, folds, and crimps the edges all in one rotation.

Being able to make your own homemade pies allows you to control the ingredients including sodium, and keeping the preservatives out.

Now with the Amish manufactured Little Pie Maker from Cottage Craft Works .com individuals can now crank out up to 200- 3” x 5” pies per hour, allowing the opportunity to prepare and freeze homemade pies for quick family meals.

At a price less than $500 the Little Pie Maker is affordable; especially considering its commercial grade durability making it a kitchen gadget that will be a very long term investment.

This is one of those types of gadgets that large families or a group of friends can purchase and then utilize in making several batches and types of pies to stock up the freezer.

Just in as little as three hours a group could easily crank out up to 1500 different fruit and meat pies to satisfy quick grab and go meals throughout the season.

It is also perfect for pizzerias, restaurants, institutions, and even for church and civic club fund raising projects at festivals and fairs.

The Little Pie Maker is another Amish USA made product is only available online at Cottage Craft Works .com


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