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Recipes for a Great Pot of Tea

Updated on January 21, 2013

Waiting for that perfect pot of tea

Scones are a great accompaniment to tea. Now all that's needed is the perfect cup o' tea.
Scones are a great accompaniment to tea. Now all that's needed is the perfect cup o' tea. | Source

Types of Tea

Tea is one of the oldest beverages known to mankind. Technically it is water infused with flavor. Historically tea was enjoyed as a beverage made from the leaves, tips of the leaves, buds and internodes of a plant called Camellia Sinensis grown and harvested in China, Japan, India and other countries of the world.

Teavana has a great booklet that gives an explanation of how fresh Camellia Sinensis leaves are turned into:

  • White Tea: fresh leaves, steamed then dried
  • Green Tea: fresh leaves, withered, steamed or pan fried, rolled and dried
  • Oolong Tea: fresh leaves, withered, shaken to bruise the leaf edges, partially fermented, pan fried or dried
  • Black Tea: fresh leaves, withered, rolled, fully fermented and fired

Of course there are many variations and secret recipes to producing teas. There is Rooibos Tea which is manufactured from the African red bush, an herbal, non-caffeine beverage. Then comes an entire world of other herbal teas. These are teas, or tisanes, made from an infusion of anything not from the Camellia Sinensis, such as chamomile, rosehips, peppermint leaves, hibiscus, rose petals, orange blossoms, lemongrass - to name only a few; sometimes all are mixed with a variety of fruit, dried or candied, from strawberry to peach to pineapple.

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Recipe for an herbal and green tea pot of tea

I actually have two versions of "my favorite." This one ranks as my First Place. It is a mix of:

  • 3 bags of Celestial Seasonings "Country Peach Passion" herbal tea;
  • 3 bags of Gevalia's "China Mountain Green." [Sometimes I substitute Gevalia's "Ancient Cherry" which is also a Green Tea.]; and
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of Teavana's "Peach Tranquility" which is a mix of candied peach pieces, pineapple, lemon myrtle, Roman chamomile, sunflower petals and rosehips.

I have a drip coffee maker and put all the tea bags in the hopper, put 8 cups water - I take my tea less strong - and let it drip. The scent in my kitchen is truly heavenly...filled with the sweet smell of peach. I sweeten my tea with honey - no special brand or flavor. It's as good iced as it is hot.

Delicious Recipe for a pot of Tea

Favorite Pot number two is slightly different. I use:

  • 3 bags of Gevalia's "Ancient Cherry" Green Tea and
  • 3 bags of Twinings "Herbal Unwind" which is an herbal blend with African Honeybush, mandarin and orange.

This is a totally different taste than my First Place favorite. It is smooth and relaxing. Honeybush is a different plant than the Rooibos "red bush," and its flowers give off a honey scent...hence the name. To me this tea has a slight reminiscence of bergamot, kind of a like a cousin to Earl Grey teas. I also sweeten this pot with honey and it too is great hot or iced.

Tea is unique in the respect that home experimentation is easy, fun and delicious. With so many varieties, both caffeinated and non-caffeinated, herbal and those based on the Camellia Sinensis, it is possible to concoct your own favorite pot of tea.


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    • heythereray profile image

      heythereray 8 years ago from Oregon

      Stash Tea is the best tea ever. They won best green tea in real simple magazine this month.

    • Jim Bryan profile image

      Jim Bryan 8 years ago from Austin, TX

      I've always wondered what the difference was between the different teas. Thanks for clarifying it for me.