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The Many Uses of Coffee Filters

Updated on June 23, 2013

Just For Fun

Coffee filters aren't just for coffee anymore.

You'll be surprised at some of the uses these nifty little filters can have.

You'll also be happy to see how much money you can save by using them over paper towels (when you can).

Use as a Coaster

If you've run out of coasters or maybe the cork-board ones just aren't working for you anymore, consider using coffee filters as a replacement coaster.

Think about it ... if a coffee filter can sustain boiling hot water going through coffee grinds and through the filter to make a pot then it can surely sustain precipitation from your drinking glass.

Use to Remove Excess Grease from Food

Coffee filters come in handy when you want to remove excess grease from food. Like it or not when some meats are cooked, there is still a little grease left.

Use a coffee filter to sop up the excess grease.

Use to Clean Picture Frames

Using a squirt of glass cleaner on a coffee filter to gently clean the dust from your framed pictures. It won't leave the "white fuzzies" left behind from paper towl.

Use a coffe filter instead of a paper towel for small food items such as a sausage breakfast
Use a coffe filter instead of a paper towel for small food items such as a sausage breakfast | Source

Use Instead of Paper Towels

There are way more coffee filters in a pack than in a roll of paper towel. Use coffee filters for those smalls items you want to use paper towels for.

For instance, the next time the kiddos want a handful of cheesy twists, sliced apples or cheese shapes; use a coffee filter! They will think it's funny and you'll think it's cheaper than a single paper towel for every snack time.

Blot Oily Skin

Yes, that is correct; you can use a coffee filter instead of tissue to blot your make-up to remove the shine of oily skin.

Use as a Koozie

Ok, well maybe not exactly like a koozie but using a coffee filter to hold that ice cold beverage in a can is much better than frosty fingers.

Use Filters to Make Texture in Paint

The next time you have a paint project that you want to add texture to, consider using a crumpled up coffee filter to "blotch out" the texture you desire.

I've used this technique to make an antique looking trunk and it worked wonderfully. Plus, it didn't leave behind the "white fuzzies" mentioned earlier in the fresh paint.

Use as a Juice Filter

Not just for coffee either!

Use a coffee filter if you want to squeeze fresh oranges (or lemons) but don't want the pulp. A coffee filter will keep the pulp out of the juice.

Use as Portable Doggy Bowl

Have you ever left the house without the portable doggy bowl? We all have.

Keep a pack of coffee filters in the glove box and your precious pooch will never have to eat his/her dog food from the ground again.

Check the Oil

Since you have a package of coffee filters in the glove box anyway :)

The next time you need to check the oil level in the car, use a filter to wipe the dipstick.

Do You Have More Ideas on How to Use Coffee Filters?

Please leave a comment if you have another idea to add to the list of coffee filter uses!!

I'll also continue to add to the list as I come across new ways to use coffee filters in my own life.

Save Money on Paper Towels
Save Money on Paper Towels

See How Cheap Coffee Filters Are Compared to Paper Towels?

Would You Use Any of These Coffee Filter Tips?

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This Lady is Awesome at Making Coffee Filter Flowers


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    • Austinstar profile image


      5 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      I just loved the video at the end. Fascinating. And she worked so quickly!

    • MoltenHound profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      Quality hub right here! it is very interesting and well written, I didn't know you could use coffee filters to blot the make-up. Keep up the good work!


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