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The McDonald's Drive-Through.... Adventures in Fast Food Takeout

Updated on September 14, 2011

Well who doesn't love a quick McDonald's biscuit on the way to work? One of the busiest times at the local McDonald's here is generally right before the breakfast "last call" at 10:30.

I used to get my breakfast biscuit daily. Had to have it or my day just didn't go right. When a local hobo approached my car one morning while I was waiting in line and pleaded for change for a" coffee" at my car window, it didn't deter me from gettin that biscuit.

The time that the car full of teenagers tagged my rear end in the drive-thru line? Well that was nothing, really.

Nor the time I was stuck behind a crazy mad woman who refused to pull up to the next window until they gave her free hashbrowns that they'd left out of her order the week before.

No, I think I can honestly'd take quite the event to keep me from my beloved biscuits. I'd tolerate just about anything.

And then it happened......

Of ALL the cars in ALL the Drive-Through joints...he picks mine. And he stays there. He stays there right on through the next window stop.. (at which the gal in the window informs me.."There's a BIRD on your car.")

He stays there as I begin to drive out of the lot. I'm yelling SHOO! He's looking at me like I'm a complete cuckoo.

I honk the horn. He tilts his head.

I flip my wipers. He flaps his wings.

Fine. I'll just drive then. I start gaining speed...he turns forward, spreads his wings...and rides like he's on the front of the Titanic...King of the World!

At this point I am such a spectacle, people in the passing cars are pointing, laughing, and snapping pic on their cells. (Well...heck. Who WOULDNT take a pic of that? I did!)

I drive a white Hyundai. The darn thing even matches my car.

Finally, as much as I DONT want to do it...I have to pull over and throw my doggone biscuit out the window, onto the grass, to see if I can LURE him off my car.

Oh yeah...he hopped right off and went straight to that biscuit.

That darn bird bullied me outta my breakfast! I have not returned to that McDonald's Drive-Thru since then.

I'll just have donuts.



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    • graebear profile image

      graebear 6 years ago

      FIRST ! Welcome to HubPages and Great hubs enjoying them very much .And thank you for the laughter and smiles .Oh I am laughing with you about the bird :)not the lose of your graebear

    • iloveglee83 profile image

      iloveglee83 6 years ago from Noblesville, IN

      ROTFLOL! THAT is so funny! I'm sorry you lost your biscit and haven't gone back to McDonalds since then but OMG! That just made my day so much better! Thanks for sharing that I needed a good laugh after the day I've had.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Too funny--would love to have seen your Titanic going down the road with him at the helm. :)