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Most Popular Fast Food In India - Maggi

Updated on March 4, 2015

The “2 MINUTE” food is the most common phrase associated with Maggi, and makes it not only one of the most loved food but also easiest food to cook. Maggi serves as one of the easiest/fastest appetizers in India.

Maggi, which was launched with a popular ad having lines “Mummy BhookLagi” and “Bus Do Minute” soon, caught the attention of Indian Middle Class. It not only filled the dining table of the middle class but was regular feature of evening snacks for most college students. For most of us, it is the perfect answer to our continuous search for most economical food as well as food with nutritional values. When it first entered Indian Kitchen, what caught the fancy of everyone was its thin twisted wheat flour springs, that can be cooked instantly using a Magic Masala supplied with the packet. So, for the first time a food was available on the Market shelves that can be cooked without any special preparation.

The Most Loved Way To Cook Maggi

Like we say “anybody can dance”, in the same way we can without a hitch say that “Anybody can Cook Maggi”. The person who just is acquainted with how to light a stove can cook it and even boast of cooking a scrumptious food.

The most popular way of cooking Maggi is to boil a cup of water, plop a pouch of Magic Masala given in the packet and then plunge the Maggi in the mixture of boiling water. Cook for 2 Minutes and set to sensitize your taste buds. However in these three steps of cooking people have found ways of to add variant taste, look and flavour to Maggi. Some like to have Maggi like a soup however few would prefer to nibble it dry. People who are addicted to non-veg food can cook Chicken with Maggi and can get a kick of a superb tasty food

What can you do to increase the nutritional value of your Maggi?

Cook some nutritional vegetables such as Beans, Peas, Cauliflower and sauté with onion and tomato/chilli sauce. In a separate boil the Maggi in the famous 3 steps process as elucidated earlier. Once Maggi is prepped, mix it up into the bowl of cooked vegetable and mix well. Cook the mixture for approx. 4 minutes or more as per taste on how much gravy you want.

Once the Maggi is ready, add some topping of Coriander leaves. You can also garnish it with some almonds and roasted cashew.

Nutritional Value Of Maggi

Ever thought, what is the nutritional value in your favourite Maggi? Here is some nutritional info as claimed by the company:

Nutrition per 100gms

Energy (kcal) - 402

Protein (g) - 9.2

Carbohydrate (g) - 58.9

Sugar (g) - 1.2

Fat (g) - 14.4

Calcium (mg) - 160

Potassium (mg) - 317.3

Neoteric Flavor !!!

You can also try to give some twist to the Maggi.

Take a slice of baked bread, place a thin cheese layer, spread the cooked Maggi, top it with sauce and tomato flakes, cover it with another baked bread slice. So, now your Maggi is ready with a TWIST, you can call it a Maggi stuffed sandwich . And I must say, you will enjoy the flavors of your Maggi stuffed sandwich.

Now dish up the Maggi stuffed sandwich with a glass of fruit juice. It can be served in breakfast as well as in supper.

If you are a Mom, your kid will just love the above combination and you don’t have to worry about the Nutritional value. And if you are a college student, above will be the perfect appetizer for you.

Maggi is for all ages and the rarest thing in India is to find a person who doesn’t like Maggi.

Sandwich Maggi

Egg Maggi

Get ready to dish out the Egg noodles within minutes by simply cooking Maggi noodles with beaten eggs and vegetables. A smart way of adding nutrients in a child's favorite noodle recipe.

Prawn Maggi

Since fresh prawn is not available everywhere, buy a packet of frozen prawns, which is easily available in any super market. Fry the prawns and add it to the Maggi,a completely creative and yummy dish is ready.

Yummy Prawn Maggi

You can home-cook all of these as none have any fancy ingredients and if you would like to add meat or seafood, sure, go ahead and let me know if it works out with the



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