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The Mystery of the Siren

Updated on June 21, 2010

Beacon of Hope?

It's shining green and white sign, you can see it everywhere; it's quickly becoming an indicator of civilization itself. Any town without one seems so out of touch with the real world...

It's absolutely no surprise that the Starbucks logo is one of the top ten most recognizable signs WORLDWIDE. It's true -- there's even a store IN the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! Go online, and you can actually plan your vacation around Starbucks store locations. No, really. A close friend of mine planned her vacation to Florida around every Starbucks from our hometown to Orlando.

As an ex-employee of the company, I've heard some crazy stories from customers...literally...from all over the world; one of my 'regulars' was from Germany. My store was located on a major interstate highway, and was the first one in almost one hundred miles. Day after day, I had customers practically sprint to the register, exclaiming, "Oh! Thank GOD you're here! We were just DYING, and then HERE YOU ARE!"

In addition to the stories, I've been privy to numerous comments regarding Starbucks as a company, both good and bad. This isn't about those comments, merely a reflection on the impact it's having on America and her people.


The original Starbucks Siren
The original Starbucks Siren

Step Into my Office...

Again, I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard this. But, it's a true testament to what's happening to how business is being conducted...through Starbucks. Time and time again people with briefcases and laptops in tow settle down with their lattes, and then get connected, either with their clientele in person, or even signing online to do some research and preparing for the next big presentation with the boss.

It's more than just a place to meet up with friends and family; it's where you can meet with your real estate agent and sign your contract. It's where you discuss religion with your fellow church members. It's where you study for your GRE exam. People aren't just doing the 'dinner and a movie' date anymore. You can be sure that hitting up a Starbucks is added in there somewhere.

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Can you imagine??
Can you imagine??

It's more than Coffee

Whether you believe Starbucks is innovative and wonderful, or a monopoly and detrimental, there is still no denying the effect it's having on more than just coffee sales and business in general. It's selling a way of life, a way of connecting with people on all kinds of levels, for all kinds of purposes. As a five year veteran, I know the in's and out's of all the policies, recipes, the beans, the farmers, you name it. And it wasn't until after I left the company that I realized how good I had it. With the health benefits, scheduling, co-workers, even getting that free pound of coffee a week, it's no wonder why so many employees stay with the company for years.

The atmosphere, the baristas, the 'third place', and the coffee are all part of our society; it's a safe assumption that it not only connects people locally, but globally. It certainly feels like Starbucks is taking over the world. But there's really no better way to do it over a great cup of joe.



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