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The Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos CA - Menu / Prices - Restaurant INFO

Updated on October 12, 2017

The name is quite simple, not fancy at all, an alluring overture which subtly suggests you and family or friends, as invited, welcome dining guests, will be the fortunate recipients of delectable culinary conjurings courtesy of a top tier, extremely talented staff of knowledgeable experts skilled in the art of mouth watering preparation and subsequent artistic plating of rich, savory, hearty comfort food. Delicious entrees freshly drawn from fertile global oceans, or tenderly farmed via artificially enriched, man made seafood cultivating and harvesting venues. "The Original Fish Company Restaurant & Market" a traditional, warm, and most alluring moniker attached to an eatery that typically implies a small, unassuming, dramatically wind beaten, rickety and artistically weather aged informal dining establishment situated somewhere in a frigidly wind chilled, yet irresistibly quaint harbor city within the state of Maine, or any number of ruff and rugged ocean front New England fishing communities. An all too familiar scenario, but the restaurant I'm eluding to is not a northeastern charmer, but a west coast answer to stylish ambiance, and succulent seafood. An eatery which is located across the expansive continental divide, domiciled at the opposite coastline approximately three thousand miles away from the brisk, often unbearable winter elements of the Eastern United States, right in the center of Los Alamitos California. A sunshine drenched, perpetually mild weather city straddling the Los Angeles and North Orange County border.

The long distance geographical disconnect between the distinct state lines of California and Maine provides an enormous physical and culinary gap in respective landmark locations resulting in a considerable divergence in cuisine trends and popularity, ingredient choices, and of course food preparation. However, it is no insurmountable challenge nor obstacle to overcome for the intimate commerce partnership network that provides regular shipments and subsequent store front delivery of fresh indigenous ocean delights from one primary harvesting point, to the receiving restaurant destination. The highly valued air cargo typically includes delightful displays and ravishing representations of just about every kind of salt water fare imaginable including the finest of Maine Lobster, Ipswich Whole Clams, Alaskan King Crab, and a virtual myriad of additional domestic and imported favorites. As a regular recipient of these shipments, The Original Fish Company is truly the real deal if you're interested in dining on a delectable, low calorie, high protein fish fillet, or exceedingly indulgent shellfish meal. It's all here and then some -

<>As one more blissful Orange County dream subsides, the distinct reality of immersing yourself in another sun kissed day superbly augmented by a vast variety of delectable sea fare offerings has just begun - You are hereby cordially summoned to discover & experience another sensational Southern California dining establishment <> Let's explore -

- Photo of "The Original Fish Company Restaurant & Market" - Front Entrance Approach - "Handicapped Parking" designation to the left of frame - Also visible are the outdoor heaters adjacent to the tables for mild evening "Chill Repellant" -
- Photo of "The Original Fish Company Restaurant & Market" - Front Entrance Approach - "Handicapped Parking" designation to the left of frame - Also visible are the outdoor heaters adjacent to the tables for mild evening "Chill Repellant" -


As a proud, appreciatively fortunate, and very grateful multi-generational Southern California resident via vivacious Southern European ancestry, I've instinctively developed an enjoyable and possibly incurable habit of frequenting various restaurants. All of which combined, serve an almost endless delectable streaming menu of domestic, international, and heavenly exotic cuisine styles. The majority of these choice eateries are snugly nestled within the finely sifted seashore sand dunes situated directly adjacent to the breathtakingly scenic So-Cal Coastline, with the balance domiciled further inland within the posh anchor regions of Orange County, Los Angeles outskirts, and the Beverly Hills vicinity. In addition to my highly presumptuous expectations of dining on freshly captured, fabulously prepared sea fare cuisine, and top grade, organically grown fruit and vegetable treats each and every outing, or capping off a tediously hard day at the office by enjoying a responsible spirits filled evening of rambunctious entertainment, the additional task of maneuvering to and from any given establishment, preferably with minimal time delay or potential for commuter incident, is indeed a high priority goal for me. Second in importance only to food freshness and of course quality. I assume, the vast majority of visitors to this site would agree.

Unfortunately, after factoring in the tight reputation and overall caliber of restaurant, my personal experiences directly related to access and parking in and around The Fish Company yielded mild to moderate disappointments each and every visit. The congestion severity depended of course on the time and specific day of dining with mild fluctuations accordingly. This sub-satisfactory experience is unquestionably a direct result of the bubbling enthusiastic popularity of the eatery, which is of course a much welcome trade off for The Fish Company management team and ownership. The seemingly constant influx of guests materializing from the opening tick, coupled with a moderately constricted geographical layout and location conducive to moderate traffic congestion, can at times provide a mildly hectic or even moderately frustrating vehicle maneuvering adventure. While this negotiating and parking impediment is certainly not a make or break decision busting aspect heavily weighted within the criteria I personally use to determine my interest in visiting any particular eatery, it is however factored into the rating formula and appropriate adjustments are made within the evaluated category of "Overall Dining Experience". In my opinion, "Ingress, Egress, unimpeded "In and Out" capability, and the ability to safely navigate a vehicle without excessive wear and tear or frustration does indeed impact the "Enjoyability" factor of a dining engagement.

There are two primary entrances to The Original Fish Company Restaurant, one located immediately adjacent to Katella Avenue on the north side of the establishment, and the other a direct route from Los Alamitos Blvd. Both are quite easy to find and seamlessly accessible but can occasionally present a moderately challenging environment for vehicle maneuvering depending on the time of day or evening, and of course prevailing occupancy ratio. The access alleys, located on the north side of the establishment, are quite narrow even when clear of commuter traffic, and visitors frequently park vehicles immediately adjacent to the restaurant within these tight artery spaces when entering from Los Alamitos Blvd., resulting in a further narrowing of the main driveway. This combination can quickly evolve into a situation conducive to mild or moderately congested and impeded access depending upon your arrival and departure time. The same cramped situation can unfortunately occur in and around the Katella Avenue entrance and alley way, so plan accordingly. Once you've entered the grounds however, the experience becomes much more tolerable with parking spaces located primarily in the front and rear of the building. Disabled spaces approximately twenty feet from the front door entrance are clearly labeled and easily identified. There is no valet assistance and parking is free for the duration of your stay.

"SPIFFY SQUEAK to the 9's" - In addition to a very diverse domestic, imported, fresh and farm raised seafood menu, more than adequate spirits selection, and quite abundant ambient charm & charisma, my experience and documentation of meticulous snapshot observations pertaining to overall restaurant cleanliness and sanitation yielded better than acceptable results according to personal standards - This of course constituting a major common sense consideration at par with overall food quality for the vast majority of consumers who dine out - Realistically, we as active consumers can never guarantee a recommendation based upon a unique, non-eventful occurrence especially when so many dynamic factors are always at play within the fast paced restaurant industry, however, subsequent to several personal visits at various times in the morning, afternoon, and evening, I can say with a moderate degree of confidence, conviction, and certitude, both the exterior and interior are carefully maintained with a primary focus on customer retention and new clientele cultivation as priority -
- Photo of "The Original Fish Company Restaurant" Interior Design - Subdued yet predominant "Modern Flair" infused seamlessly with "Traditional Hardwood Highlights & Undertones" - Perspective from main dining area looking out toward the "Sun Room" -
- Photo of "The Original Fish Company Restaurant" Interior Design - Subdued yet predominant "Modern Flair" infused seamlessly with "Traditional Hardwood Highlights & Undertones" - Perspective from main dining area looking out toward the "Sun Room" -
- Typical cozy booth setting situated within the main dining area - Remote enough to enjoy a more intimate dining experience - Hardwood tables, intricate wainscotting, and a variety of portraits on display as accentuating features -
- Typical cozy booth setting situated within the main dining area - Remote enough to enjoy a more intimate dining experience - Hardwood tables, intricate wainscotting, and a variety of portraits on display as accentuating features -


Casual dress is acceptable, after all, it's quintessential kick back and relax in subdued stride Southern California, where balmy mild weather always cooperates and nonrestrictive, comfortable summer attire is ruling fashion king over precision tailored European suits and ties, or loose fitting slacks and imported silk sport coats, even when attending the upper echelon swank spots. But the gentle elegant feel and aura is still a prominently noticeable built in characteristic of The Original Fish Company, a unique trait that is effortlessly experienced from the very moment you walk through the entrance threshold. The well maintained and manicured genuine hardwood tables, subtle portrait displays, intricate carpentry work, and dome style 1960s overhead lighting fixture accents, combined with predominantly overriding modern design blended intermittently with old world touches such as infused wainscoting wall accents, add a warm touch to the main dining areas. The adjacent sun-room attachment located at the very front of the eatery, is a suitable option to accommodate guests who prefer maximum natural outdoor lighting while still dining within the protective confines of an indoor atmosphere to screen out or repel the pesky natural elements. If seating is available, I'm confident you'll find this highly desirable sun friendly option conducive to a very enjoyable experience.

The restaurant interior in totality, is partitioned into four separate, contiguously married yet segmented spacious rooms, a layout which still manages to retain the feel and integrity of one large open floor plan establishment. The front entrance leads directly into the main seating post to the left, and quaint, micro sized fresh fish market located straight ahead for convenient take out orders, both of which are situated in the midst of a small gallery where "Photos of the Stars" proudly adorn the lobby walls. When standing and facing the seating post, situated off to the right is a somewhat smaller, elevated room, and directly opposite is the larger dining area with the sun-room positioned at the very front of the building easily accessible via a separate entrance door. The subtle yet well defined separations create the illusion or innate reality of a much larger interior, yet the practical layout which includes several private booths, still affords all guests the luxurious opportunity to experience an intimate, closely personal day or evening out. The square footage is more than adequate to accommodate a larger crowd yet in certain quaint out of the way nooks, the feeling of privacy is not to perfection, but easily imaginable. Ceilings are low and mildly imposing throughout the restaurant, an architectural trait that can create the distinct illusion of moderate but manageable congestion, or slightly cramped sensation during busy hours especially for guests such as your truly, who have become comfortably acclimated to restaurants that are architecturally endowed with expansive, wide open spaces and immensely over sized ceiling height. Overall evaluation when considered in the aggregate would easily warrant very positive grades.


I firmly believe my initial perception and lasting impressions are indeed accurately indicative of the real, tangible Fish Company experience. Instincts which suggest all guests who visit the restaurant / fish market for the very first time, would presumably agree with as it pertains to the following generalized assessment. Unless of course unforeseen or highly unusual circumstances prevail, which cannot be completely discounted from the realm of possibilities. The food is great, the spirits are fine, but don't expect delicious New England style deep ocean seafood or shellfish such as Lobster, Crab, or genuine Ipswich Clams to be served at deep discount prices, at least not here at The Original Fish Company. The logical reasons for a premium charge attached to the itemized bill of outstanding east coast treats are essentially several fold, with a primary consideration and focus placed upon factoring in significant overhead expenses and cost for cross country shipping etc. An unavoidable financial burden related to the origination zone or "Source" of fish fillets and shellfish, which is unfortunately passed on to you, the consumer. An extraordinary importation charge for New England delicacies is customary within the industry and usually accepted as a par for the course "Check Booster" by the economically educated dining guest. Recalling my previous culinary experiences at the Fish Company, almost all menu selections depict "Wild" portions as opposed to "Farm Raised", therefore, expect to pay a relatively higher price or premium. Check the menu annotations or query staff for additional information and clarification prior to ordering if this is a dietary concern or important consideration.

We as an ever evolving, highly educated health conscious global community, could easily engage in a rather lengthy, exceedingly rigorous debate regarding the pros and cons of each variety of fish fillet while comparing both wild verses farm, including the origination, inception, and incubation point. But for some inconclusive reason, It seems as if we've all been pre-conditioned over the years via extensive print and television media saturation, to automatically accept a presumptuous view that "Wild" sea fare is a premium choice, superior in flavor, texture, and integrity, and irrefutably supreme in nutritional value. With the following words of wisdom pending final determination, the ultimate decision and preference is of course yours. For a strictly visual, non-scientific comparison, I would suggest you stop by the quaint mini fish market located at the entrance to observe first hand by taking an up close look at the fresh and farm raised salmon for yourself. After evaluating my personal side by side comparison, I found a distinct, demonstrable difference in flesh color, fat content, and overall texture between the two. I'm highly confident you'll find a dramatic contrast in appearance as well, but the question still remains, which is the healthier choice? Personally, I'm inclined to leave the medical and health recommendations to the pros and will concede the fact that I typically order from the standard menu selection that includes "in stock" fare available for immediate grilling on that particular day or evening, providing of course it's a fillet I prefer such as halibut, or an interesting twist on an alternative experimental dish.

My personal preferences which I believe are well worthy of mention, include the Halibut stuffed with Dungeness Crab, then generously drenched in a light mushroom butter sauce (Typically, I request the sauce on the side for portion and calorie control), one of my absolute favorites, although I would prefer the dish prepared with a sweeter, softer Snow Crab. Then, we have the tender to taste, whole belly, Ipswich Fried Clams, another preference of mine although subsequent to an exercise in agonizing comparison and evaluation, I was forced to place this mildly augmented version in a slightly subordinate position just below another of my favorite seafood restaurants located in Whittier Ca. In my opinion however, the golden brown batch retrieved fresh from the deep fryer via New England shores, all of which I had eagerly popped into my mouth one by one in generous fashion and had consumed without hesitation, were still lusciously crunchy and delicious. A very tasty treat even though the unique recipe ingredients and deep fried preparation are slightly altered verses the traditional corn, flour batter, and olive oil dunk I'm accustomed to. Oysters Rockefeller, Wild Salmon Dishes, Sea Bass, and just about every other fish or shellfish entrée I've indulged in at The Original Fish Company, are worthy of satisfactory note in my log.

<> Whether you're simply a seafood lover or detail oriented steadfast culinary connoisseur, I'm confident "The Original Fish Company & Market" in Los Alamitos" will satisfy the fresh ocean fillet or exceedingly indulgent Lobster, Crab, Clam, Shrimp, & Scallop Shellfish desire. Check "Specials of the Day" for full portion entrees at slightly discounted prices <>

<> MENU -

-Entrees' (Ex - Lobster)-
Average $7 & Up (+Gratuity)
Average $15 to $30 (+Gratuity)
Average - $7 to $10 (+Gratuity)
**S P I R I T S** ----->
- Panoramic image view depicting the main room from the "Step Up" stage area - A sample of the ceiling, floors, lighting fixtures, and tables give you a deeper perspective of the predominant characteristics & features of the interior experience -
- Panoramic image view depicting the main room from the "Step Up" stage area - A sample of the ceiling, floors, lighting fixtures, and tables give you a deeper perspective of the predominant characteristics & features of the interior experience -


In addition to the excellent fare, immaculately kept interior, finely groomed and maintained exterior, convenient availability of fresh, frozen, wild and farm raised Fish Fillets, Shrimp, Alaskan Crab, and New England Lobster at the ready for immediate dining on site, or take out from the in house mini market, all elements of which in and of themselves are ample reasons or guiltless excuses to regularly patronize the Original Fish Company, my totally enjoyable experience with the quintessentially affable concierge style staff and waitress was equally exquisitely pleasing. I've dined at notable and secondary side track restaurants all over sun soaked Southern California and frequented innumerable hot spots all over the country, and without hesitation, I feel completely comfortable publishing the following observation that has imprinted an ever lasting culinary impression, with the mutual understanding of course that all staff, even those of whom are employed within the same venue, are not necessarily committed to such lofty standards.

The individual who delivered our menus, assisted with insightful insider wisdom related to daily specials and house recommendations, placed the order then subsequently retrieved and served the hot fare within moments of sizzling grill removal was nothing less than spectacular. Unquestionably, a model for all others employed within this dynamic, fast paced industry to follow. Her charming affability, professional yet charismatic demeanor and pleasantries, and overall attention to customer satisfaction details was an unexpected, extra added treat that capped off a memorable late morning dining experience.

"Romantic Waiting Table for Two" - "The Piazza"
"Romantic Waiting Table for Two" - "The Piazza"


NOTE: Menu pricing is relatively reasonable considering the realistic potential for exorbitant cross continent shipping costs added to overhead expenses - Charges that appear to be partially absorbed by the restaurant in this case, yet entrees are still tagged at the upper echelon of affordability for the average consumer - An abundant variety of delicious deep ocean fare is par for the course, however deep price discounts are not -



My late morning dining engagement had concluded, and all considerations listed on the itinerary were carefully examined, evaluated, and rated according to my precise, unique standards, which may of course differ substantially from standards and guidelines utilized by other individuals during the assessment process. I then reached the following conclusions expressed in summary form. In my opinion, The Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos California is a fine overall dining establishment. An immaculately kept restaurant geared toward catering to the middle aged and senior demographic yet still maintains family and children friendly elements. A seafood focused eatery situated in a posh community highly conducive to a quality driven, quasi opulent clientele, but not necessarily so distant in price or elegance as to be an overriding exclusionary factor for the average budget conscious family interested in a nice dining experience.

A very noticeable development that occurred shortly after we arrived at 11:00 am while dining at The Fish Company, was the rapid and expedient rate of occupancy. It's unquestionably one of the top ranked restaurants of any cuisine style situated within the North Orange County area that almost immediately begins to experience, feel, and absorb the moderately swift and consistent influx of eager guests within virtual moments of opening the doors for business. In my opinion, this exuberantly enthusiastic anticipation to be seated and subsequently order an appetizer or meal, is an undeniable testament by the seafood loving general public, of a fine dining establishment. When small crowds of guests deliberately and briskly flock into the dining area and can't wait to find an open chair to settle in and immediately begin sampling offerings from this unique culinary journey, as they always seem to do at this particular eatery, how can this possibly be interpreted as anything other than explicit validation of customer satisfaction and overall business model success?

The interior ambiance projects a moderately formal atmosphere yet caters to all demographics including the ultra casual attired crowd. It's adequately spacious and roomy enough for a comfortable dining experience, and the food, spirits, and non alcoholic drinks and beverages are grilled, plated, mixed and concocted in an aesthetically appetizing manner. There is a wide variety of culinary delicacies aimed to please the entire spectrum of hungry guests however, the absence of a bar or tavern area for casual mingling or sports monitoring by enthusiastic fans might be considered a detriment for some. However, when evaluated in totality with all other important factors, it's not too much of a stretch to conclude what the restaurant lacks in accommodations designed exclusively for hosting extremely popular So Cal leisurely get togethers, or watching exciting athletic competition via television access amidst a group of highly enthusiastic fans, it more than compensates with above average dining aspects or food focused amenities such as a vast selection of sea fare and delectable shellfish entrees, and a fully stocked, in house mini fish market for take out portions of fresh and frozen fish fillets and premium soup of the day. Choices range from Cajun Style Seafood Gumbo, an original Roasted Red Pepper offering, to my absolute favorite, Cream of Asparagus seemingly made exclusively from puree with a dash of salt. For a bowl or container to take home, I highly recommend the chef's specialty version of this asparagus twist. <> Another delicious Southern California "Culinary Journey & Experience" has concluded <> Please see my personal ratings below <>

- Photo Capture - Exterior view of the indigenous flora & greenery combination landscaping which tenderly rides up & caresses the "Sun-room" walls situated adjacent to the front entrance of The Original Fish Company Restaurant -
- Photo Capture - Exterior view of the indigenous flora & greenery combination landscaping which tenderly rides up & caresses the "Sun-room" walls situated adjacent to the front entrance of The Original Fish Company Restaurant -


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Driving Directions to The Original Fish Company:

A marker11061 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, Ca 90720 -
11061 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, USA
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The Original Fish Company - Address / Phone Number / Hours:


11061 Los Alamitos Blvd.

Los Alamitos, CA 90720

  • Phone: (562) 594-4553


  • Mon - Sat: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Lunch & Dinner Service Hours:

  • Lunch: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm - Mon - Sat
  • Brunch/Lunch: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm - Sun
  • Dinner: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Mon - Sat
  • Dinner: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Sun

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