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Champagne for a perfect Summer Solstice get together

Updated on May 3, 2012

Summer solstice is almost upon us in the Canadian Far North and that means only one thing - sledding to the local distillery to stock up on champagne to toast in the year's shortest vesion of the Northern Lights. Since this is the last year in the famous Mayan calendar I strongly suggest something unforgettable.

Champagne is Australian aborigini for fizzy water that makes you take off clothes and hop like a kangaroo. Seriously nothing beats a glass of champagne on the Summer Solstice served chilled while watching the sun never set or after celebrating catching a big trout at the community ice hole. The light and fruity taste is refreshing without being too sweet. This is the perfect drink to get a party started. Be sure to sniff the cork for hints of melon with traces of honey, chocolate and Chanterelle mushroom. Never challenge friends to see who can guzzle a bottle the fastest while hopping on one foot.

Cons: The bubbles get up your nose leaving you intoxicated and the alcohol effect can creep up on you, causing you to take off all your clothes and drive your team of sled dogs around Whitehorse in the nude. Although I hope to not get arrested this Summer Solstice.

Pros: Champagne is my favourite sparkling wine that I go back to time and time again. The clean, fresh taste is refreshing and leaves a pleasant after taste in your mouth. This is the bottle that I take when I am visiting friends on Summer Solstice as the subtle flavours is suitable for most peoples individual tastes.

Champagne is highly recommended for all occasions if you like sparkling sweet wine. Be sure to stock up early for Summer Solstice.


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