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The Perfect Pina Colada

Updated on January 26, 2012
An ice cold Pina Colada on a hot summer day in the yard.
An ice cold Pina Colada on a hot summer day in the yard.

I don't pretend to be a bartender, nor do I play one on tv, but from time to time I've been known to mix up a few drinks for friends. We keep a decently stocked small bar of our favorite spirits, and those that we know our friends like as well. I usually can find something for everyone in there.

Over the summer I perfected a drink that I've enjoyed on occasion, the Pina Colada. Apparently one Mr. Ramón Marrero created the drink back in the 50's while working at the bar of a Puerto Rican Hilton hotel. Since I usually picture vacationers sitting around the pool sipping on the drink, this makes perfect sense to me. A couple decades, and a few million Pina Coladas later, Mr. Marrero's creation became the official drink of Puerto Rico.

Last summer I decided that I had found the perfect ingredients for my version of the tasty treat! I'll try to give some specifics, but I kind of wing it. However, the ingredients are very specific for the taste I've come to love. Here is what you'll need. (Seriously, don't mess with these ingredients...I can't be held responsible if you do.....)

1 Can of Trader Joe's Pineapple Juice - find the cans, they work perfectly
1 part Pyrat Rum - traditionally people use white rum, but this kicks butt
1 part Coco Real Cream of Coconut

Grab a 16 oz glass and fill it up with ice. I like big chunky ice from the icemaker. Dump one can of TJ's Pineapple Juice into the ice, this will almsot entirely fill up the glass, but leave a little room for the other two ingredients. Next I splash in however much rum I think I need for the day, typically around an ounce...give or take an ounce. Last, squeeze in another part of the cream of coconut. I think this is about a tablespoon and a half worth of this, but I've just come to call it a squeeze. Stir it all up until the yellow of the juice turns in to a nice creamy pale yellow color.

If you want to get all fancy, you can slice up a wedge of pineapple to stick on the rim of the glass, or even open up a little paper umbrella for fancy occasions. I usually prefer to just take the drink in the glass without the decorations. This is not a low calorie drink, most likely weighing in at around 400 calorie, but is a fantastic taste of summer....and can be a reminder of sunny days to come during the cold winter season as well!


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      instantlyfamily 5 years ago

      Ooooh thanks for sharing!