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The Real Cookbook You Can Eat

Updated on April 22, 2015

Have you ever try to eat a book? If you haven’t and want to try to eat it, try The Real cookbook made from German Design Agency Korefe. You can eat this book because it’s made from pasta. Yes, in fact you can read this book, use as a cooking guide to cooking the book, then you can cook the book by putting it in the microwave and after that you can eat this yummy book. The sad part is the real cookbook is written in German language. So you have to understand the German language if you want to read this cookbook. The Real Cookbook is the first cookbook ever made that you can read, cook and eat.

The Real Cookbook that can be eaten
The Real Cookbook that can be eaten | Source

The Real Cookbook is made for a large publishing house. Korefe, a design agency contracted by The publishing house (Gerstenberg Publishing House) to design the real cookbook special-edition edible cookbook manual. Gerstenberg Publishing House is known as a publisher of food and art books. The origin of The Real Cookbook itself which made from ink and paper has been stored in Gerstenberg Publishing House.

The Real Cookbook
The Real Cookbook | Source

If you are curious about it, The Real Cookbook has instructions on how to cook the book. The instruction is printed in every book layers that are made from 100% pasta. You can open each layer where it is actually an instruction on how to cook the book. You have to add some ingredients like tomato, tomato sauce, cheese, meat, and herbs between layers. Don't forget to write down the recipe to other media such as paper or notebook if you want to keep the recipe because after you cook The Real Cookbook, you will not be able to see the recipe anymore.

Everything you need to know about lasagna

Lasagna is a traditional dish which made up of pasta layers, cheese, meats, and tomato sauce. Lasagna is definitely an age-old recipe that has two known origins. It is believed that the name originates from the Latin word “laganon” means thin strips of bread or wheat. But other sources also said it is actually coming from the word “lasanon” which has two meanings either for a cooking pot or a type of chamber pot. These words eventually were used to refer the layered food. Many people have thought that lasagna was an English recipe after it appeared in an English cookbook, but then it has been stated after it gets traced back that lasagna apparently is a kind of dish from Italy. The original lasagna is actually made with genuine cucina, ricotta, mozzarella, or parmesan cheese served with plenty of sauce and meat. In Italy, it called lasagne. Lasagne actually are really flat, while American lasagna that has been modified are generally ruffled along the edges that are used to trap the sauces. The best lasagna pasta are made from durum wheat. Durum wheat is a hard wheat which can stand up to extended cooking. The pasta can remain chewy and resilient even after boiling or baking.

You can open each layer and read The Real Cookbook
You can open each layer and read The Real Cookbook | Source

Basically, you can modify lasagna from the original recipe by adding various kinds of ingredients that you want to add in each layer. The only thing that cannot change is lasagna are made from thin pasta layers, meat (usually minced), and tomato sauce. You can add vegetables to enrich the taste. You can add spinach, lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced eggplant and other ingredients you think it's delicious to be added.

Ready to cook
Ready to cook | Source

Picking the best ingredients to make lasagna can bring a delicious lasagna taste. Add lasagna with cheese either ricotta, parmesan or mozzarella to enrich the flavors. You can add several kind of cheese as long as the taste does not collide with each other.

Lasagna cookbook ready to eat
Lasagna cookbook ready to eat | Source

If the pasta layers type for lasagna is hard (dried) you must boiled it first so that it can be soft, then, you can put it in the oven after you compile each piece of pasta with any ingredients you like to add in each layer. If the pasta is soft when you buy it, you can straightly put it in the oven after you compile each of pasta layers with any ingredients you want to add just like the picture above.

By adding the best ingredients that you think will be delicious to make lasagna, there is no doubt you will get delicious lasagna taste. If you are not used to making lasagna, you can follow any recipes to make lasagna from a cookbook or search all over the internet.


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