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The Sandwich: Everyday Food

Updated on September 20, 2011

Cheese and Tomato

The sandwich, such a simple name, for a meal, that has so very many possibilities. I eat fewer sandwiches now than I used to, mainly because of the bread. But when I want a quick, healthy and delicious meal out comes the no sugar, whole grain loaf and I am on my way to a taste sensation.

The sandwich is relatively easy to prepare and when you have a creative mind, just about anything can a sandwich make. After all, you only have to grab a couple of slices of bread and something to put inside and voila, one sandwich.

If you don't have any bread at home, a quick trip to the nearest grocery, deli or even a corner store will solve that problem. If you have a bread machine you may not even have to leave the house. You may have to wait a little longer but the results will be even more rewarding.

I am in the market for a new bread machine. The one we had disappeared in our latest move. I’m not likely to bake bread in the oven like my grandmother did, but I did enjoy making my own.

What also fascinates me about the sandwich, besides the numerous possibilities and the ease with which you can make a sandwich is what it represents.

Let’s take a look at the cheese and tomato sandwich, a pretty common version. I prefer slices of old white cheddar to packaged cheese slices and romaine lettuce with a beefsteak tomato but the choices are yours to make.

Take a minute and break down each element. First, the bread you select. There are many alternatives and it does make a difference which one you choose, after all bread is the foundation of your sandwich.

If you are using bread you made, then your decisions begin with picking the flour and again, whole wheat, rye, white, organic options are all there.

If you buy the bread already made then the range of possibilities may even be wider.

You have decided to have a cheese and tomato on whole wheat with lettuce. Now you have the bread but what about everything else. Tomatoes are a very popular food. You can grow them on your balcony in containers or in your backyard. They need a lot of water and sunlight but when they get what they need they perform beautifully. Lettuce comes in a number of varieties and besides sandwiches can make a fine salad base. You can also grow your own lettuce on your balcony or backyard.

I love cheese almost as much as peanut butter and it comes in many, delicious flavours and textures. I prefer the old, white cheddar because I don't see any need to add the orange dye to my diet.

Now, of course, the production of cheese requires milk. So even though you don't see the milk it is an essential part of the sandwich.

Now, you are ready to put it all together.

The only choices left to make are do you use butter, mayo or mustard or some combination? So you see, that while a sandwich, may be a relatively simple meal to prepare, there are whole industries that provide the ingredients that go into making that sandwich.

The meal you bite into is the end product in a long supply chain that may have begun thousands of miles away, in the tomato fields of Mexico or Ontario.

courtesy flickr
courtesy flickr


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  • cgull8m profile image

    cgull8m 10 years ago from North Carolina

    You are absolutely right there are so many combination one has to choose the right ones to get a fabulous sandwich. I tried hot dogs but with different sauces it all tasted different there was no consistency. Finally I found the right combination.