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The Secret Ingredient to make any Recipe Delicious

Updated on May 2, 2014

Uniqueness of Food

Food is a necessity to each and every living organism. But we humans with our touch of creativity render the attribute of uniqueness to food. Each cuisine is so very different from the other and thus humans generate innumerable different tastes across the globe through gastronomic delights prepared from similar ingredients. Unlike other animals who are somehow homogeneous in terms of their tastes, we are essentially heterogeneous and we take pride in our differences, otherwise how would the recipe blogs survive?

Different regions around the globe produce different dishes. A slight change of spices or a slight variation in the time of cooking can generate an entire new recipe. Humans are often distinguished, rather identified in terms of their appetites. Taste is an essential parameter in determining a person's identity. Apart from our social and individual identity, taste or food culture adds to our cultural identity. Yes, it of course gives rise to stereotypes but landscapes do play very important role in training our taste buds. An Asian obviously differs in terms of food he/she likes from an American but an Asian (ethnically) who is born and brought up in the United States may have a food habit exactly like an American. Many times people from the same region may have completely different food affinity. For example, me and my husband are complete opposites when it comes to food. We belong to the same region and we live in the same house but sitting in the dinning table during lunch and dinner seems like entering a judging area of a tough cooking competition. Therefore, we humans differ in our taste identity like we differ in our genetic identity.

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The Secret Ingredient

The same recipe varies in taste when cooked by different people. Many times the same recipe differs in taste even when it is cooked by the same person. How is this difference produced? How does a dish become more delicious sometimes and sometimes worse? After wondering a lot I discovered the key to this mystery. A secret ingredient. An ingredient that is the most important of all other ingredients. It is love. The love that one puts into the recipe when one prepares it. The love to create a wonderful gastronomic treat, the love for the art of cooking, the love for whom he/she is cooking, the love to innovate and most importantly the love for food. Any work or non-work when done with love yields enhanced happiness and satisfaction and of course, in an utilitarian vocabulary, increased productivity.

It might read like a cliche but this cliche does work. Love is the secret ingredient to make a tasty recipe tastier and a little touch of your signature creativity can produce wonders.

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