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Ancient Chinese Art of Eating

Updated on November 28, 2014

Food is in need for everyone to survive. It’s an essential source to replenish the healthy state of our mind and body. One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well. Everyone eats and drinks, yet only a few could appreciate the taste of food.

The Chinese wisdom of food had been known to reach the peak. Unlike westerners, they are still on the verge of exploring the cuisine world. However, the practice of merging spiritual believe with food on western civilization is not of a frantic.

Chinese are philosophical; like chop-saki of Kung Fu; believing in what you eat is what you gain. Their ethics are bound by nature and superstitions; influence by a rich culture filled with intriguing myths and legends. Civilization gave rise to knowledge and wisdom as men became more profound of their living. Developing new techniques to extract the most out of food in order to pleasure and fulfill their needs.

Eating are not merely about filling an empty belly, gaining nourishment physically or cherishing happiness with family members. It’s a way of nourishing ourselves spiritually. Example, snack food like “Ang Ku” is created based on the shape of a turtle shell. It acts as an elixir of longevity as turtles had lived for nearly a thousand years. The snack is presented and consumed in accordance of the moon. This large crater marks the symbol of influence. By focusing, it will travel you deep down your subconscious; calling upon the inner confidence and reaching a point where fate flatters you of gaining immortality after consuming a snack like shell. In other word, the moon acts as a tool in aiding our meditative state to attain the desires and extracting spiritual essence of food that resembles the true image which consider to have similar vitality.


Some dishes are of a mixture with sweet, sour and saltiness. Among the famous one is the “Yee Sang”. Also known as Lo Hei; is a Teochew style raw fish salad. It usually consists of strips of raw fish, mixed with shredded vegetables and variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. It’s marketed every year around the Spring Festival. Culture speaks of good luck will prosper in the hands of those who consumed it. Old doctrine tells us of “The Vitality of Life” flourish by combining various elements; like steel, water, wood, fire and earth. The formation of mother earth and all living creatures are influenced by the same factor.

The concept of positive Yang and Negative Yin explains the same thing. Excess or lacking in either both is not good. Example, too much salt in the body causes high blood pressure; while too little leads to dehydration. A balance needs to be achieve in order to maintain an equal cosmic flow. The various flavors of “Yee Sang” represent different colors of life. Accepting it means “Unity with the Universe”; thus creating a more pliable you. Pliability is life; rigidity is death. When a man is alive, he is soft and supple. While the man is dead, he becomes rigid.

At times, the Chinese will do utmost the craziest things just to please themselves for pleasure, pride and glory. Centuries ago, when superficial plunge into tradition, strange eating habits were practiced. Example, new born rat still covered in blood was swallowed alive for good health. The most pathetic of all, Chinese men hunted the monkeys. Tied up and brutally slaughtered by splitting its skull as the monkeys struggles. The brains were then devoured raw with added ingredients.

This brutal concept of eating was discovered by Chinese philosopher through meditation and observation of the animals movement. They are convinced by devouring the animals, you will subsequently inherit their properties. Just as monkeys leaping from tree to trees at great heights, it would in turn allow you to exalt gracefully in life. Each animal body parts represent a different source of power. Example, Brain for intellectual, heart for self confidence, abdominal organs to enhance metabolism, eye for visions and genitals to increase sexual vitality. Amphibians like toads and tortoise has also been selected as delicacies to enhance the inner resistance. It carries the properties of Yin and Yang since being able to live on land or in water.

The way of self-empowerment through the art of eating is not much of an achievement for the Chinese although it’s been practiced for centuries. The prove lies around us. As you can see, none of the Chinese has exceeded the age of 200 years. Furthermore, only a handful is healthy, successful and bright.

The point of failure lies in the amount of fate they had. Above all, knowledge regarding the force a.k.a “CHI” is shallow among them. The verse in utilizing the force is a pathway to many abilities. It unlocks your boundary; allowing all imagination to exalt beyond the ordinary capacity and be brought into being.

Basically, people with a low self-esteem had a weak force. One must be passionate. In this world, only passion exists. Through passion, you gain strength. Through strength, you gain fate. Through fate, you gain glory and may the force unbound your chains and unleash you.

These are the three things you need to keep in mind to build up a strong force:

  1. Question yourself in everything – if you have doubt about anything, solve your way through all the problems. Keep on discovering and researching something new. Don’t be lazy to think. Free yourself.
  2. Do the best you can in life – never be easily satisfied by your potential. Find a fault. Improvise and innovate it. In other word, hate all weaknesses.
  3. Forget about comfort of life – Don’t dream of having a comfortable life. It drains and demotivate you. Comfort rejects all force. Don’t dream of success. Focus on yourself and success and comfort will chase you.

Practice what I’ve thought you above. Don’t give up! If you can make it through the wormhole, congratulations! Then, chances will be a lot easier to realitize all your visualization.

Notes: The presence of a strong force can be determined by the amout of confidence gettting stronger every day. There will be signs of improvements in terms of strength, durability, agility and temperament!


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