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The Seven Very Best Beers Of Winter

Updated on September 28, 2014

Fireside Chat

This magnificent beer is brewed with a lot of love from 21st Amendment Brewery. The beers package itself is so epic. It features FDR sitting by the fire, sipping from a goblet, and chatting with an elf. How awesome is that. This brew goes farther and beyond what you would expect in a sip of beer. It taste nutty and will warm your soul. It packs a punch with a 7.9 percent alcohol content by volume. Malty and spicy to the taste, I would say this beer would be perfect for sipping by a warm fire on a snow day or on Christmas eve.

Odell’s Lugene

Brewed with tremendous imagination from Odell Brewery. This brew is not overly sweet, and taste exactly like milk and cookies with the spike of wonderful alcohol. 8.9 percent to be exact. The epic drink is actually made with milk, sugar, and milk chocolate. So when you slam a few, you make your sweet tooth happy as well as your heart. I say yes to Lugene !

Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale

This is an American style IPA. Loaded with wonderful citrus and pine flavors that make you feel relaxed and mellow. It has a relatively light and delicious flavor that will pair well with turkey dinner or just sipping on a porch swing on a fall evening. Low alcohol content is a plus at family get-togethers. It is a staggering 6.8 percent per serving.

New Belgium’s Frambozen

This beer is perfect for a fall evening around my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. This brew has a velvety and malty taste with the hint of raspberry candies. It finishes more like a wine that is dry and sour to the taste. I highly recommend this beverage at family get alongs. It has a fairly low alcohol percentage, Only 6.5 percent by volume. Which means you won't act like the village idiot if you drink a few.

Full Sail’s Wassail Winter Ale

Brewed by Full Sail brewing company, this brew is a dark beer which is almost the color of dark wood furniture. Made from four different malts and the addition of Pacific Northwest hops this beverage is unique like the malt lovers that drink it. So flavorful it will make you grin from ear to ear.

Deschutes’ The Abyss

A powerful imperial stout. This one will put hair on your chest. Composed of licorice and molasses, you will be a fan of the almost black color of this brew. It is aged well and mean very well in French oak barrels and bourbon barrels. These barrels help give it a dark finish you will always remember. If you drink to many and lose your way, it is because this beer packs a punch with a 11 percent by volume alcohol content. Cheers.......!

3 Floyd’s Behemoth Barleywine

This beer features complex flavor profile. Caramel flavors with a sweet body om my !!...It has the highest alcohol content by volume of all my wintertime brew selection. A whopping 12 percent by volume.It pairs well with cheese and crackers. You will taste caramel, figs, honey and dates in every sip or gulp. Enjoy yourself winter is on the way, and why not experiment with these fine brews.


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