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The Stinking Rose, San Francisco Restaurant Review

Updated on July 11, 2011

The Review

 Restaurant: The Stinking Rose

Location: San Francisco

Average Price per person (without drinks): $20-$50


I remember telling hearing my dad talk about this restaurant, so I was extremely excited when the military chose my base back in California. One of the first things I did was visit San Francisco. I had a close long time family friend that was coming up and my mom, younger brother, and her decided that we would all go to The Stinking Rose. I absolutely love garlic. I believe that you can't go wrong with it.

So we went. It is a beautiful restaurant. The decorations are very nice. It took about 10 minutes after we were seated for the server to come and get our drink order. It was busy so we excused it. However, when the appetizers came, they were horrible. We sent them back. We tried the Garlic Swiss Chard Fintina Fondue and the onion soup. We decided to wait for our entree's. That took forever to get as well. We had been sitting for about 45 minutes since we had been sat until our food arrived. I do not remember what my mom ordered, however she did not like it. So we all tried it, and all didn't like it. My brother and I shared the meat loaf. Once again, we didn't like it but were tired of sending items back. So we dealt with it.

We were disappointed in both the service and the food. We ended up just going to McDonalds afterwards. I normally give restaurants a second chance but for how bad of an experience we had, this will be one that was a one time shot.

Overall review: This is a restaurant that I would say to not go to. The service was horrible as well as the food. You shouldn't have to pay that much for having a horrible experience.


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