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The Strawberry a Fruit of Pleasure

Updated on April 10, 2013

Strawberry's plays a major role in advertising throughout the world . So many products has be created because of the Strawberry's . This fruit has become one of the best money maker in the world. The leading products are cosmetics, hair coloring, perfume, sodas, powders,bath oils and many other produces accredited to this royal red fruit.I grew up on a farm where it was important to know about all the fruits and vegetables being planted. It was essential to know about the planting season and the types of strawberries planted to produced..Strawberry's were one of many fruits and vegetables that was harvest and sold to venders in the city. Every farmer child in the South knew when it was time to plant, and took place in the events. June Strawberry was used by most farmer and was planted in the fall for the next year. D-Neutral strawberries were planted in the spring, producing the first year they was planted. If taken care of probably they are very easy to grow, they need space and plenty of sunlight with soil free of chemicals. Researchers has proven medically that strawberry's fight some disease, because they are loaded with vitamins and is good for bones and hormones.One cup of Strawberry's contains 240 milligram of potassium and foliate which forms bone mass. Most Americas are strawberry lover because of the supercilious juicy sweet taste. Strawberries can be used in many dishes such as strawberry short cake,chocolate covered strawberries,Strawberry tarts, salads,Pies and many other delicious dishes.One of my most pleasurably things to do on a hot summer day; is to sip on a cold strawberry diriqui.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      There's nothing better than a cold glass of champagne with chocolate strawberry, one of the spices of life.