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The Tasty Coffee

Updated on December 19, 2016

A Cup of Coffee

Coffee Day

The Tasty Coffee

A Cup of Coffee - I drink coffee every day in the morning in my home with my family. I drink coffee every day in the evening in a coffee club with my friends.

Just as tea was introduced as a plant that could be used, coffee also was brought from abroad. Coffee plants were not grown in our country until some 400 years ago.

It was originally found growing in Ethiopia, a country in Africa, 5 -6 centuries ago. When people from Arabia (Yemen) discovered this plant and its use, they took it to their country.

Its introduction into India is linked to a legend associated with a Muslim Saint, BaBa Budan. He brought coffee seeds from Yemen (in North Africa) to South India and planted it on the hill. Soon neighboring villages also took to growing these plants. Almost 200 years later, coffee cultivation became more organized and people began selling its seeds to make coffee powder.

Baba Budan Coffee

Coffee Beans

Plant Travelers

It was the school holidays. Ramu was at his favorite mountain retreat, his grandmother’s house – with – a – wonderful – view!

`Dadi (Grandmother), how far is your house from my town? Asked Ramu.

`It took you 6- 7 hours by bus to reach here. That means it will be around 300 -350 kilometers from your place’ said Grandma.

There are some places that take to reach. In fact, when i was a child, there were no buses. People had to walk or travel in bullock carts? Grandma said, as she sipped coffee.`Ramu, did you know that even this coffee that I am drinking has traveled many, many kilometers? It was reached here from a place far away from across the seas!’

`What? Plants don’t walk, Dadi’!

Both laughed as they imagined coffee plants marching from one place to another.

`Dadi, how did these plants get here and from where did they come?’

`Coffee was used by people in Ethiopia, a place in Africa, thousands of years ago long before anyone ad heard about it.’

`Wow! Imagine discovering something like that. I wonder who came to know about this plant from them?’

`It was discovered by the Arabs who took the plants and seeds to their country.’


`Well, I guess once they drank coffee, they felt more active or maybe they liked its `strong’ taste’, said Ramu’s grandma.

`So how did the coffee plant come to this place, Dadi?’

`A long time ago, a saint called Baba Budan used to live in this region. He had once traveled to Yemen where he had a cup of coffee and liked it! When returned home, he brought with him seven seeds of the coffee plant and planted the seeds on the hill. The hill got its first coffee plants. Soon the local people came to know about the coffee seeds and had their first taste of hot coffee! Now everyone began growing it. Later coffee plants were grown in larger areas. The seeds were roasted and ground into coffee powder which was then sold in shops. In fact, the hills around here are called BaBa Budan hills. They have been named after the saint.’

`The coffee that people drink has really traveled across the world!’ said Ramu.

Budan Hills


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