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The Tipperary Bog - Cheese & Gourmet Shop

Updated on December 8, 2012

In 1987 workman digging peat in a County Tipperary bog found what is probably the world's oldest piece of cheese or butter . The depth at which it was found led archaelogists to believe that it dates back to 1400 years old AND they believe it is still edible - although no one was brave enough to try it!

This is where the inspiration for the name of my niece's cheese and gourmet shop came from. Her shop was born in the spring of 2010, and she was kind enough to contribute a beautiful cheese board for her uncle's Celebration of Life - my husband Craig.

September 9th, 2010 -  Celebration of Life
September 9th, 2010 - Celebration of Life | Source

The Shop

The Tipperary Bog has moved to a new location since it first opened almost three years ago. My friend Terry and I had the pleasure of visiting the other day, she just to get some special cheese for herself and me to pick up goodies for a potluck appetizer evening that I was hosting at my place for some of us members from the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice grief group.

The new location is in a very quaint little red brick house, with white trim and pickett fence and ivy growing up the side of the wall where we parked. It was raining when we arrived so we hurried around to the front door. As we entered we were immediately treated to a warm and comfy looking place, with a little fireplace burning, and everything decorated for the Christmas season. But it was the wonderful sight of all the various cheeses and condiments that grabbed our attention right away. Everything is so beautifully displayed; you would be hardpressed to walk out of this shop without a bag of goodies in your hand.

Nadine & Taren

Immediately my niece Nadine came into the shop from her office across the hall and introduced us to Taren who is the Franchisee in this shop - Nadine being the owner of the Tipperary Bog brand. Nadine herself is also set up in a stall at the Brantford Farmers Market. It is neat to see the way her business has grown, with plans already in motion for another franchise shop closer to my location.

Ahead of us is the main display case with every kind of cheese that you could imagine. They boast of over 200 varieties from all over the world. Terry and I are immediately regaled with descriptions of some of the cheeses that they recommend, with tastings in between of cheese from Vancouver, France, Wisconsin - just to name a few. There is one that has a Balsamic infused flavour in it that is absolutely delicious that we both decide we need to have; and another with a bit of crunch to it, which I find out is sea salt - YUM! Before hand I have snapped a photo of Taren and Nadine behind this counter, chalkboard menus behind them on the wall. As Terry is making her choices I move around the shop taking everything else in that it has to offer.

Assortment of Salami
Assortment of Salami | Source
Hot Mamas Jelly and Crackers
Hot Mamas Jelly and Crackers | Source
Display with Art on the wall  - this was painted for Nadine by a friend.
Display with Art on the wall - this was painted for Nadine by a friend. | Source

Condiments and Goodies

I spy a basket of Salami wrapped in different coloured papers, Chorizo - Piccante and Salsico, as well as different wine infused Salami - Rose, Pinot Grigio, and Chianti. Normally I choose Pino Grigio but today I opt for the Chianti Salami.

Next I stop at the display of crackers and crusty bread crisps. It's hard to choose but I end up with a box of Lesley Stowe's Raincoast Crisps from British Columbia of which there are three different varieties. Today I choose Cranberry and Hazelnut. As well I grab a bag of Ace Bakery - Aged Cheddar mini baguette crisps. I love Ace Bakery products out of Toronto so I know this one is going to be a winner too. Besides I have already tasted from the basket of samples sitting on the counter.

Alongside these is a display of Hot Mamas Jelly in about five different flavours. I can't make up my mind here, so Nadine suggests that I take the box of three mini jars which gives me Horseradish Pepper Jelly, Red Pepper Jelly and Spiced Apple Pepper Jelly. Had a taste of the last one and it was absolutely YUMMY!

On the wall behind this display is a beautiful piece of art - a gorgeous blond with cheeseboard in hand.

Love this wall art!

Preparing my purchases
Preparing my purchases | Source
Cheese Display
Cheese Display | Source
Christmas Decor and basket of Kettle Corn
Christmas Decor and basket of Kettle Corn | Source

Meanwhile in between all of this I am snapping more photos. I love the one above - a canvas of wine bottles. The colours are so warm and inviting.

Making my way back to the cheese counter I finally make my decisions for the appetizer night. Asking if I like Blue Cheese, which over the last while I have learned to love, Nadine recommends one called St Agur from France. One taste of this and I know I am sold. Earlier while Nadine was wrapping up Terry's purchases I had tasted PicoBello, a Dutch cheese with an Italian character - containing a bit of crunch from the seasalt scattered throughout. I know I definitely want this one, as well as a BellaVitano from Wisconsin - giving a flavour mix of Parmesan and Balsamic Vinegar. I think I have three winners.

With all of our purchases in the bag Terry and I are ready to head out. We'll catch a coffee at Tim Hortons on our way home from The Tipperary Bog, where we can sit and chat as we always do. We have enjoyed this visit and know we will be back again.

If you are ever in Brantford Ontario be sure to check this gem out - at 108 West Street. Or if you happen to be in town on the days that the Farmers Market is running, you can check out the Tipperary Bog stall there - Fridays and Saturdays located at 79 Icomm Drive.
You are sure to find a selection of cheeses that you just have to have. And that's not all they do at Tipperary Bog. They will make you a sandwich to go; they are available for your catering needs and will prepare gift baskets for that special event or person. And if it is your desire to have a private cheese tasting evening, they are up for that too.

Bon Appetite!!

My Cheese Board


The Hospice Group loved the three cheeses that I chose. Thank you Tipperary Bog!!

5 stars for The Tipperary Bog


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    • craiglyn profile image

      Lynda 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thank you for stopping by and reading. I wish I could take credit for the cheese shop, but it is actually my niece's shop. She has ended up franchising the name and so she is doing very well.

    • profile image

      jonathan smith 4 years ago

      Tipperary is a great place and one can find so many good food centers there. This Gourmet shop is also famous in Tipperary county for its service especially the taste of the food it serves.

    • craiglyn profile image

      Lynda 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thanks scarytaff for stopping by and reading. I love cheese too.

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 5 years ago from South Wales

      I love cheese of any kind and it looks like you have an abundance. I wish you luck in your shop. Voted up and useful.