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The Top 100 American Foods Of Our Age

Updated on December 29, 2009

You remember them. Heck, your grandma remembers them. They're the top 100 foods of our age. Whether you were force-fed these as a child or consider them an indulgence, here are the bits of nourishment that have made an indelible impact on all of us, regardless of our diets. Stick 'em in a time capsule and let those Jetson types in the future know what was for dinner, not to mention breakfast, lunch and dessert in classic American pop culture.

 1.McDonald's Big Mac and french fries (natch)
2.Twinkies (they'll still be fresh)
3.Delivered pizza
4.Pop Rocks
6.Top Ramen
8.Margaritas (top shelf, with salt of course)
9.Strawberry Shasta
10.M&Ms (peanut)
12.Paul Prudhomme's Cajun blackening spice
13.Olestra (we'll look back and laugh at that warning label)
14.Hot dogs (we still won't know what's in them)
16.Pop Tarts
17.Cotton candy
18.Freshen Up gum (squirt)
19.Banana cream pie
22.East-meets-West fusion cuisine
24.Magic Shell
25.French onion soup

26.Crème brûlée
27.Garlic mashed potatoes
28.Wine in a box (it's the future)
29.Fried calamari
30.Pad Thai
31.The Waldorf Astoria's Red Velvet Cake
32.Bologna (with instructions for frying, of course)
33.Wolfgang Puck's Jewish Pizza (for those still in the know)
34.Peeps (hopefully, we’ll still have microwaves)
36.Tuna casserole
38.Hot jumbo pretzels
40.Krispy Kremes (a dozen plain)
42.Genetically-engineered food
44.Starbucks (as if it weren't already on the starship)
46.Cookie dough (homemade)
47.Breakfast burritos
48.Baked Alaska
49.Tater Tots
50.Kraft Singles (individually wrapped, of course)

51.Gummi Bears
52.Ben & Jerry's (I'm voting for Chunky Monkey)
54.Chicken pot pie
55.Slim-Fast (and a Cosmo cover, perhaps?)
56.Slim Jim
58.Flourless chocolate cake
60.Steak frites
62.Buffalo wings
63.Taco Bell's 25 for a dollar tacos
64.Baseball card gum
65.Fortune cookies (that always end with "in bed")
66.White Italian truffles (oh, what the heck, and black ones too)
67.Wonder Bread
68.Cheez Whiz
69.Astronaut food (good for a laugh aboard the starship, for sure)
70.TV dinners (good for a laugh today)
71.Power Bars
72.Fondue (which will be making yet another comeback)
73.Jell-O shots
75.Mescal shots with worms

76.Apple pie
77.Alpo (for Astro)
79.Jiffy Pop Popcorn (and we'll forever think of Drew Berrymore in "Scream")
83.Pigs in a blanket
84.Pork chops and applesauce (and a copy of "The Brady Bunch," episode #55)
85.Caesar salad (and yes, it was created in Mexico, not Italy, dammit)
86.Balsamic vinegar (now that was created in Italy)
87.Crepes with Nutella (Nutella too)
88.Don Perignon
91.Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
92.Fresh-roasted chestnuts (necessary only if winter still exists)
93.Campbell's soup
94.Turkey and stuffing (er, dressing)
95.Bags of prewashed and trimmed salad greens
96.Microbrewed beer
97.Ranch dressing
98.Big Gulp
99.Deviled eggs
100.Beluga caviar (we'll need something to celebrate with, won't we?) Cheers!


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