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The Top Pizza Restaurants In Hartford, Connecticut's West End

Updated on August 2, 2015

The west end of Hartford, Connecticut is home to several excellent pizza restaurants. Some of these pizzerias serve thin crust pies, while others serve pizzas with thicker crusts.

Being a longtime resident of the west end and a pizza afficianado, I have eaten food from each of the following restaurants on multiple occasions.

All of these pizza restaurants are located in the west end's main commercial district, on or near Farmington Avenue and they are all usually open late.

South Whitney Pizza..264 South Whitney Street..(860) 232-7860

Of all the pizza restaurants located in Hartford, Connecticut's West End, South Whitney Pizza is definitely my favorite.

On average, I order food to-go from this pizza restaurant two or three times a week.

South Whitney Pizza has been situated near the corner of South Whitney Street and Farmington Avenue for several decades.

A couple of years ago, the restaurant expanded in size, making it almost double the size it used to be.

When you walk in the front door of the restaurant, the kitchen and the area where you place your order are still right in front of you.

A nice little dining room with maybe six-eight booths and tables is located next to the kitchen. The booths are fairly private and you can view more than one large screen TV set while sitting in them.

On the other side of the dining room, a full bar area is in place. A bartender is usually on duty and a pool table is available for customers to utilize.

In my humble opinion, when it comes to pizza pies and other food items, South Whitney Pizza definitely serves the best in the west end. In fact, I think the pizza served at SWP is probably the best I've eaten anywhere in the capital city.

Small, medium and large-sized pizzas, as well as party-size, sheet pan pizzas are served at South Whitney Pizza.

While the crust, cheese and toppings on the pies served here are all top-rate, the sauce is over-the-top delicious.

Specialty pizzas at SWP include Meat Lovers, Vegetable, Hawaiian and Steve's Special, which is the type that I order most frequently. The Steve's Special pie contains pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers, hamburger and sausage.

Six types of chicken specialty pizzas are on the menu, as are five varieties of white pizza.

More than a dozen appetizers, including garlic bread with cheese are on SWP's menu, as are 13 different salads. Wings and boneless wings are also available.

There are fish, chicken, grilled cheese and crab cake sandwiches, burgers, club sandwiches, wraps, calzones, spinach pie and gyros available at SWP.

Twenty-five varieties of grinders, or subs are on the menu here. Their meatball and sausage grinders are awesome and they even make a meatball/sausage combo grinder.

Interestingly, South Whitney Pizza now offers four types of breakfast grinders.

Seafood dinners, such as fish and chips and clam strips with fries are available, as are pasta dishes and Italian-style dinners.

From personal experience, I highly recommend the chicken parmigiana, meatballs with peppers and cheese and sausage with peppers and cheese dinners.

Delivery to Hartford, West Hartford and surrounding areas is offered by South Whitney Pizza.


City Pizza..498B Farmington Avenue..(860) 471-8664

City Pizza..498B Farmington Avenue..(860) 471-8664
This pizza restaurant is located next to China House in the strip of businesses on the north side of Farmington Avenue near Sisson Avenue.

Thin-crust pizza is served at City Pizza and they offer medium, large and extra-large-sized pies. A dozen specialty pizza varieties are available, as are sheet pan pizzas.

Several times, I have ordered a slice of cheese pizza to-go and each time I have enjoyed eating the New York-style. The pizza slices served here are quite large.

Meal-starters at this west end restaurant include seven types of salad, garlic bread with cheese and chicken wings.

Twenty types of grinders, or subs, calzones, fried chicken and seafood, pasta dishes and Italian-style dinners are also on the menu at City Pizza in Hartford's west end.

Prices are average and delivery to Hartford and West Hartford is provided.

Three types of cake are available for dessert at City Pizza.

Sgt. Pepperoni Pizza..495 Farmington Avenue..(860) 233-8888

Sgt. Pepperoni makes thin-crust pizza pies that are larger than those served at the other west end pizza restaurants.

A lot of local people think that Sgt. Pepperoni's pizza is the most authentic New York-style pizza in the Hartford area.

Small, medium and 20" large pizzas are served at Sgt. Pepperoni, with Sicilian and sheet pizzas also available.

This west end pizza restaurant offers some incredible deals on different-sized pizzas on certain weeknights.

Appetizers such as cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, Buffalo wings, fried dough and garlic bread are on the menu here, as are four different salads.

The grinders, or submarine sandwiches served at Sgt. Pepperoni are called heroes. More than 15 varieties of hero sandwiches, including three types of Philly cheese steaks are available.

Calzones, lasagna and ravioli dinners are on the menu at Sgt. Pepperoni and cheesecake is offered for dessert. Delivery to West Hartford and Hartford is featured.

Sisson Ave. Pizza House..479 Farmington Avenue..(860) 236-6100..(860) 236-6400

Located right on the corner of Farmington Avenue and Sisson Avenue, Sisson Ave. Pizza Houseis primarily a pizza take-out restaurant that offers a huge menu of tasty items.

Small, medium, large and party-size pizzas are served at this west end pizza restaurant. The crust on the pies here is thin, but not as thin as the crust at Sgt. Pepperoni and City Pizza.

More than 10 types of gourmet pizzas and half a dozen white pizzas are on the menu at Sisson Ave. Pizza House, as are calzones and stuffed bread.

Buffalo wings, ranch wings, boneless chicken and a selection of more than 20 appetizers are available here.

Sandwich fans will appreciate the grilled sandwiches, wraps, pitas, burgers, club sandwiches and more than 20 varieties of grinders on the menu at Sisson Ave. Pizza House.

Ten different salads, fried dinners, pasta dishes and Italian-style dinners are also available at this pizzeria.

Honestly, one of the best dishes I've ever eaten is the chicken cacciatore served at Sisson Ave. Pizza House. So far, I've ordered and eaten this dish several times and each time it's been great.

Four different types of cake are available for dessert at this pizza restaurant.

Delivery to Hartford and West Hartford is provided, with a $1 delivery charge in place.

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