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The Traditional Candy Run

Updated on January 26, 2012

The traditional candy run is not a book, it is not a race with a car, nor is it run on foot, (even though you do use your feet and a car for it) and it has nothing to do with Halloween.

Sitting around the television watching a movie with your kids, all their homework is done and you are comfortable in your warm and cozy pj’s. When this commercial comes on and guess what it triggers your sweet tooth. Darn it any way. You keep it to your self, not mentioning it to anyone. Another commercial break and guess what they do it again. I tell you they must know when to hit you with them. Their marketing team is awesome. But now you must have chocolate. You get up and check the house and all your secret hiding places low and behold; there is nothing in the house. You thought there was a chocolate bar stuffed away in that drawer, but it is gone. What do you do?

Well off go the pj’s and on go the clothes now yell “CANDY RUN!” and in a few minutes every one in the house is ready to go. Off to the grocery store, now we all know this is the worst time to be in a grocery store when you have a craving and need something sweet.


The best thing to do is head to the bulk food section of your grocery store, it is important to make sure the store you pick has a large variety of candy and chocolate. You start going through the bulk food bins everyone gets a bag and grabs a “small” amount of their favourite kind of candy. Then we start to look at candy we haven’t had in a while and grab a little bit of that one. How about a new kind that none of us have tried before, it’s candy can’t go wrong. Then we move over to the chocolate, a few little bags of different chocolates and we should be done.

Shopping goes on for about 10 to 15 minutes. As you head toward the checkout with all your little bags of candy and chocolate your mouth is watering and we can’t wait to get home to see all our treasure. Things are good we did well we have lots of different kinds of treats but not large amounts.

When we get home we grab some small bowls or plastic containers with lids, we sit around the living room floor and start dividing out all our loot equally between everyone. Pretty good haul I think, just enough to fix that sweet tooth with enough candy to last all week. Happy now, turn on the television sit back and watch another movie. A wonderful successful family night. Maybe next time we can go on an ice cream run. Think about it, what kind of family traditions can you start with your family?



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    • christine111 profile image

      christine111 6 years ago from Chilliwack

      Thank you so much for the comment Jill.

    • profile image

      jill 6 years ago

      Love it!