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The Wedding is around the corner. What Champagne do you buy?

Updated on March 23, 2016

Champagne is the final detail you need to make THE DAY even more special


The burning question left which Champagne to serve.

The two main factors when deciding on a Champagne are budget and taste.

Unfortunately most of us do not have an unlimited budget, even for that special day. Without careful thought the Champagne bill can run away from you. Prices for Champagne range from 30-50 pounds per bottle to hundreds of pounds per bottle.

There are a few questions you can answer to allow you to make that decision.

  1. How many thirsty people will it be served to?
  2. When do you want Champagne served?
  3. Is it going to be just for the speeches and toasts, or do you want it for the whole reception?

How many people and when you will want it to be served

If it’s going to be just the speeches then a few bottles of a top quality vintage will go down a storm. A glass of vintage Champagne from any of the top houses is a very special thing. If you want Champagne all night, you might want to consider the lower end of the scale for the rest of the evening. Most Champagne producers offer a choice of quality, starting with their non-vintage verities, which are still quality, right up to their vintage which are excellent. Choose a brand and stick with it, the transition between qualities will be less noticeable if produced by the same house. After a few glasses with the right atmosphere, most people will not be concerned, or may not even notice. After all it is a wedding and it is Champagne!

Let the champagne run freely to add "The Great Gatsby" style


Labels talk themself

Champagne is labelled very clearly by law there are abbreviations on the bottles that will help determine value for money. For example

NM: Négociant manipulant. These companies (including the majority of the larger brands) buy in grapes and then make the wine.

RM: Récoltant manipulant. (Also known as Grower Champagne) This is a grower that makes the wine from their own grapes.

So a NM that buys in grapes has middle men and probably higher marketing costs than a RM that keeps costs in house, the result is usually quality wine for a lower price with an RM.

Make it look fabulous


Taste is a very personal thing

While Champagne does not have the same range of sweetness as other wines, it is on the whole dry, there are degrees you can choose from. Depending on the producer and the quality, Champagne is made with three different grape verities, blends of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier are the norm but there are single grapes verities produced. If Champagne is being served with food, as with all wines it will have a dramatic effect on both the taste of the food and the wine. Treat yourself to a trial dinner and get a couple of choices to match the best, ask your wine merchant for some advice, they are knowledgeable.Do some research it will give you an idea where to start. If your guest list is not to large you could ask for thier preferences and have a selection of Champagnes.

The best advice when it comes to taste is trial.

This is after all your day so you should ultimately get what you want. Buy a few bottles and have a boozy weekend. After all the wedding plans, you may well need it.

Bonus idea - how to save one more memory from YOUR MOST SPECIAL DAY


Just follow KISS principe

KISS - "Keep It Simple Stupid"

Keep things beautiful but simple. Below you can find a few ideas how to decorate you wedding champagne glasses. You can do it yourself of order it online.

They will bring style and creativity to your wedding. If you choose to make one for each guest, they can take them as a souvenir from YOUR NEW FAMILY <3

Make even the Champagne glasses special

Vintage idea for the glass
Vintage idea for the glass | Source
If he is a sailor
If he is a sailor | Source
Amazing idea, just choose the main color for your wedding
Amazing idea, just choose the main color for your wedding | Source
Cute groom & bride glass - idea 1
Cute groom & bride glass - idea 1 | Source
Cute groom & bride glass - idea 2
Cute groom & bride glass - idea 2 | Source
Love stofy for two - After all this time - FOREVER
Love stofy for two - After all this time - FOREVER | Source
If you want more style
If you want more style | Source
Cute decoration
Cute decoration | Source
Glass for your Bridesmate
Glass for your Bridesmate | Source

List of a few champagnes under £70 from BI Wines & Spirits website

Price per one
Price per case
Pol Roger
Charles Heidsieck Brut
NV Ruinart Blanc de Blancs
Louis Roederer
Bollinger Grande Annee
Taittinger Comtes de Champagne
Moet & Chandon
NV Cedric Bouchard
Charles Heidsieck
More from BI Wines & Spirits list with champagnes can be fount on our website


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    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 2 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Thanks for the tips on champagne at weddings. I have never organised a wedding but you never know.....

    • Bordeaux Index profile image

      Giles Cooper 2 years ago from London, UK

      We promise to write a very special article "Find your dream bride with bottle of wine and 2 glasses under the stars" :)