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The Wine To Serve, by Joanne Kathleen Farrell author of Liberty for the Lion Shield

Updated on September 12, 2011

Serving wine to your party guests

Now a days, it is harder than ever to choose a good wine. There are so many new wines on the market from small producers it is hard to know what is best to serve. I like to make an impression when entertaining at home. Like most of you, I am now buying on a budget.

I like Casarsa. It is an Italian wine made and bottled in Northern Italy since the 1930's. It is a light white wine with a gentle fragrance of pear and apple. It is not too strong and goes well with summer foods. It is best served in clear glass half full.

California wines are another favorite of mine. I prefer Rose' by Earnest and Julio Gallo. In New York State there are many small, lesser known producers of fine wine. Many more than you might think. I found producers in western New York make the best wine. But, they can be pricey.

Last, never serve to much alcohol or let someone leave your home drunk. Never serve anyone underage. It is best to serve and use alcohol in a responsible manner.

Casarsa is the best wine for the buck. Try serving this wine chilled at your party or family picnic. Here is a serving idea. Pour bags of ice in a large wooden box. Arrange the bottles in the ice. You can even use an old dresser drawer. Now, with a hot glue gun attach fresh flowers all along the rim of the drawer. Finish the look by draping grape vines around the serving table. This is much better than buying tacking dollar store party ribbons and signs. It saves waste as well.

Casarsa goes well when serving broiled fish and pasta salad. It also works well with vegan dishes. ( See Grilling Veggies ) I like to serve it at late night affairs out on the patio. This a wonderful way to enjoy the summer. By Joanne Kathleen Farrell, historian and historical fiction writer


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