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Getting rid of the stubborn bulge

Updated on November 12, 2012

To curb the advertising of unwholesome food is a plan mooted by the government, but it would be a step in the wrong direction if consumers remain avaricious and overlook the importance of maintaining a diet.

Advertisements have influenced the way the young choose to eat or drink. Therein lies the urge to restrain them from ever appearing on televisions - the internet being quite a tremendous domain to delve into. It is known that by directly dwindling unhealthy demeanor, such as devouring fatty food, it is more efficacious in reducing obesity than simply pontificating a healthy lifestyle, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, as this have been so hackneyed.

Nonetheless, much more things have to be done other than merely ordaining ad restrictions to avert the obesity situation from deteriorating, and then expecting everyone to be submissive. It is not feasible to outlaw the distribution and sale of fatty food wholesale, so there will always be fatty food circulating around the country. Much more effort needs to be done by the consumers themselves so that they would not get obese.

Ultimately, the onus is on the children to shield themselves from the onslaught of fatty food and educate themselves on healthy food choices. They have to curtail the amount of fatty food takings. However, not every child can be that sensible, and they usually do not have the nous when they see captivating junk food pictures on televisions. It is taxing to change their mindsets when they are already inveterate couch potatoes. The allure of the computer, mobile phones and tablets is so potent that the idea of having some physical movement is quixotic. The bulk of their time would be instead spent on sedentary activities.

In subduing the canker of obesity, the war has to commence from young, and has to be taken on an expansive front. Children should know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and be impervious to the enticement used by fast food chains. The school curriculum has not place much emphasis on a healthy diet yet, despite including a mandatory health and physical education lesson once a week. Teachers have to be equipped with the knowledge about diet, health and exercise. School canteen vendors should also offer more healthy food sold affordably, with a better quality of taste.

Parents should not look for titular fast remedies to combat obesity, otherwise, the repercussions might be so serious that their children have to be admitted into the hospital. Combating against obesity takes time as it is hard to shed. It is always bewildering to decide which preventive measures should be taken place, but nothing beats a healthy approach embraced at home.


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