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The best beef is not red! Beef that is ready to eat is closer to purple. Manager's special?

Updated on November 15, 2013

These cows are athletes not food stock

Muscle is really not what we are after in beef cattle. But there is a fine line. Look for marbling. little lines of fat running run through the cut of meat.
Muscle is really not what we are after in beef cattle. But there is a fine line. Look for marbling. little lines of fat running run through the cut of meat. | Source

Get the most for your money. That brand new cut of beef is too new!

The best meat is not red. Don't do it to your colon. Aged beef is better beef.

Beef is not naturally the color you see in the supermarket. That color has been enhanced by some sort of chemical process. Dyes can be used and carbon monoxide may be used to keep the meat looking fresh and red longer. But here is the problem. Aged meat is better for you and looks a more blood purple color.

After an initial day or two of time after the death of a cow, the meat gets tough as nails and is harder for your system to digest. This has to do with proteins and enzymes. The meat is not broken down yet at all. So that means your body has to do all the breaking down, and often just cannot do it. After about 12-14 days the meat will have turned on itself and begun to have broken down. This is best done at between 34-38 degrees.

Now think for a moment about big beef business. If the meat sellers have to store that meet for two weeks, they have to pay for the space and the cooling. If they convince us to buy and eat beautiful bright red new meat, then they substantially cut back on costs. And as mentioned above they do this with some sort of chemical additives and fancy packaging.

Now if you are like most people and believe that that bright and shiny new steak is better than old purple steaks you can do something to help your body. Marinate the steak. Any good citric acid base will help break down the steak. I like lemon juice. Another practice is salting the steak. One of the best salting recipes I have tasted is a combination of white pepper and salt. This will also help break down the steak. Either technique should be done for at least two hours prior to cooking and best at room temperature.

Manager’s Special or Butcher’s special is another good Idea. These are meat cuts that have been dyed and packaged. Assume, which I do, that the chemicals in the beef are not that bad for you. Then assume that even the chemicals break down over time. The “specials” are discounted meat that have been “on the shelf” for “too long”. When in fact that is just marketing, the steak has now properly aged and is better for you. Of course you may run the risk of rotting meat, but in twenty years I have never gotten meat that is too old, from a grocery store.

Now I am not saying that properly aged meat will keep you from getting colon cancer. It is unclear the different effects that aged versus “green” meat has on your cholesterol. And it only makes sense that it is better for you digestion. But what I am telling you for sure is that it tastes better, absorbs spices better and even smells better on a grill. And don’t forget it costs less.

I like Range Cattle meat best. But that is because I like the Range

I am no expert on feed lots and the like but aging helps if that is where the meat comes from.

Most people have some understanding of steroids and antibiotics. Most of us understand we really would prefer our food with as little of that as possible. But I do know this, those things only have a certain life length. It just stands to reason that proper aging would facilitate the decrease of that stuff in your meat.

Here is an extra tip. The best meat to eat is not super lean, never and no way. Marbling like it sounds are the white lines that run through a cut of meat. They are fat. Those cuts with more taste better, grill better and digest better. So next time pay a little less and get a little better.

Some like it hot

Wild range country
Wild range country | Source

Do you buy meat at a grocery store and cook it the same night.

If meat gets more brownish or purple do you throw it out?

See results

If you like your meat really tender try tenderizer.

The most tasty beef is not the most expensive. Now I know what you are thinking. "what about that kobe beef fed only on rice and beer or some such thing" or "give me that corn fed beef any day". Well those are mighty fine for eating if you do not want to do any preparation. The marbling in those kind of beef is very good.

But side by side without seasoning or tenderizing range cattle has a lot more taste to it. Probably harder to chew. Definitely not as pretty. But it is the kind of beef many prefer. A cow stuck in a feed lot just is not as appetizing to me as one right off the range.

Note I like range meat but I do not think most people would like it more.

Water Buffalo

Not quite acceptable.
Not quite acceptable. | Source

Water buffalo can be made to taste OK.

Be careful where you go around getting you meat. You could say that horse and water buffalo are an acquired taste but I think even that is not the reason not to eat them. It just seems wrong to eat an animal that has labored for you. That is my middle ground on eating meat. I do not eat it every day like I used to. And I do not eat meat that I have known.

I know that may sound strange but that is just me. A lot of my friends buy a cow to raise up to eat. They know exactly what it ate and all things about their meat. It is just not for me.


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