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Quest For the Holy Grail of Coffee

Updated on March 13, 2010

There are many different brands of coffee on the market today. Folgers, Maxwell House, Starbucks and many, many more. What is the best tasting coffee? Are all coffees the same or do the different brands have their own distinct tastes. I have been a coffee lover for many years and I hate starting my day without a nice, big cup of that hot brewed, sweet smelling coffee.

I have been trying different coffees looking for a coffee that just seemed to beat the competition. I slightly liked some coffees better than others but I just could not find the perfect one. I have been a fan of Folgers and Maxwell house for many years. I would buy Folgers one month and then Maxwell house the next and I started to think that I needed something new. I decided to embark on a mission to find the holy grail of coffee.

The first thing I found out right away was I did not like flavored coffee. For example: french vanilla, chocolate caramel, irish cream, they just did not do it for me so I swore off flavored coffee altogether and kept on with my search for the best coffee.

I started joining those coffee clubs like Gevalia and their coffee was okay, but it was not what I would call the best coffee in the universe. You had to make commitments to buy their coffee every month, so I canceled my coffee club memberships and kept on the path of coffee righteousness.

I would say probably about a year into my so called search for the grail of coffee I had tried probably almost every brand of coffee you could think of. I had found a few organic store brand coffees that were pretty good so I added them to my routine with Folgers and Maxwell house. I was quite disappointed with myself for not finding that perfect coffee, and started to move on with my life.

One day I was online and I came across a coffee website, it had kind of a weird name for a coffee place. I started to look through the different kinds of coffees that they sold and I decided to give their product a try. I looked through the website trying to decide on a coffee for more time than I am sure that any sane person would. I was having a problem deciding so I added the house blend to my cart, but shortly after I deleted it, and chose instead to go with the Brazilian blend.

I waited patiently for a few days while my coffee was on its way. When It came in the mail I had already had my morning coffee but decided to open it up. I took a big sniff of the raw unbrewed coffee and it smelled of coffee heaven. I brewed myself a pot, put in a little sugar and creamer and took a sip. My taste buds were going crazy. I could not believe what I had uncovered, the holy grail. I was so proud of all of my hard work and I had fallen in love.

I stood on top of my roof howling out coffee fool! coffee fool! (ok maybe I am exaggerating a little) for that was the name of the coffee grail holders. I have to say I loved this coffee so much that I have never tried another of their flavors but if they are all like the Brazilian blend I am sure they are wonderful also.


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    • dpfitzell profile image

      dpfitzell 8 years ago from North Dakota

      Thank you Faybe Bay I always look forward to your comments.

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 8 years ago from Florida

      And then you send them a link to this Hub (put Coffee Fool) in capitals, and ask them about affiliate marketing. Also, I notice they have testimonials, so if nothing else they could post your link, as a review of their coffee!

      I love your writing, this is great!

    • dpfitzell profile image

      dpfitzell 8 years ago from North Dakota

      Its the best coffee in the universe.

    • profile image

      raesmith4 8 years ago

      interesting coffee fool:)it is good you found something that brings you such joy