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The best ice-cream brands in India

Updated on April 16, 2011

Don't eat this out!

A review on the various brands of ice-creams available in India

So, after one year of thinking and thinking and thinking, I am finally writing my first hub. Yeah, I am a slowpoke when it comes to really decide on a topic and write but when I write, I make sure that I generate quality for my readers. So, here goes my first hub friends. Hope you enjoy it!

I decided to write my first hub on a topic very close to my heart, i.e. my stomach (no pun intended). Yes, I am a big foodie and especially I am a sucker (I even suck off the wrappings of the ice-cream packet off!) when it comes to ice-cream. So, I decided to write my own review about the innumerable brands of ice-creams available in the Indian market today. Basically this is for the information of the consumers (basically kids and their moms) who want to host parties or simply enjoy those small happiness’ in life that we get when we sit in front of the television with an ice-cream bowl in our lap.

Vadilal: So, I will begin with the oldest brand of ice-cream in India – Vailal. The pioneers of the so-called cheap ice-cream as I believe it because they were the ones who introduced the “buy one, get one” scheme for ice-creams in India. That was the beginning of the price war in ice-creams in India with other brands also bringing forth such competitive offer, thus making this delicacy a day-to-day dessert for the common Indian rather than an exotic delicacy to gorge upon in marriage functions. They were the ones to introduce the Indian market with the variety of tastes that we witness today and take us out from the monotonous plain vanilla flavor era. They do have great offers even now with the same “buy one, get one free” with fabulous tastes like Swiss cake, Badam Utsav, Caramel Crunch, Banana Strawberry, and what not. A must try for a foodie.

Amul: The success story of rural India – the company which showed the world what collective power of people can do to improve the lives of millions in society. The brand that began with milk and butter has now diversified into the food market with one of the best quality ice-creams synonymous with its best quality milk. They were the prime competitors for Vadilal because it was Amul which introduced the pineapple flavored cup ice-cream, thus breaking the monotony of the Vadilal’s vanilla cup ice-cream. May be it was this competition that caused Vadilal to diversify into more brands and flavors, thus benefiting us, the customers. One of the best brands available are the Spanish Saffron cream balls and Shahi Anjeer. The best part about Amul is that they are the pioneers and the market leaders in introducing the 2L family pack at the cheapest rates. They initially introduced it in 4 flavors – vanilla, strawberry-vanilla 2-in-1, chocolate, butterscotch, and shahi gulab. The best one was shahi gulab but for some unknown reasons, it was discontinued. Now the latest one introduced by them is the Fruit N’ Nuts – the best buy ice-cream till date with the best value for money. An ideal ice-cream for parties as well as for being a couch potato (or couch ice-cream).

Some items you may like to have

Havmor: This brand has had some cool ice-creams that it brought into the market but nowadays, I am not able to see much of Havmor flavors around. May be because Amul and Vadilal have already captured the market. But still the Havmor flavor is a distinct one and I am a big fan of Havmor when it comes to some exotic flavors like Pan which only Havmor produces.

Dinshaw’s: One of the brands from Nagpur, Maharashtra, it does not have much presence in other states except Maharashtra but I personally find the taste of Dinshaw ice-cream very good because the quality of milk used is good and the ice-cream is more creamier compared to other brands that I have tasted – may be they are using better quality milk or less milk powder in their ice-creams. Who cares! I like the taste and the flavors are more or less same as that of Vadilal and Amul but it lacks in variety when it comes to flavors. A nice try for a serene Sunday afternoon brunch.

Kwality Walls: I have not tasted much of this ice-cream but the ones that I have tasted, I have not liked much because of some egg-like smell that I got while eating the ice-cream. May be I have got a rotten nose but those who love Kwality Walls swear by its taste and quality. So, no comments from my side, better try it on your own and tell me what you think.

So, that’s it guys. That’s my small write-up on the various ice-creams brands available in the market. Hope you got some useful info out of it. Do remember to praise or throw rotten eggs at me in my comments section!


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    • profile image

      Aman mishra 5 years ago

      Creambell icecream is one of the best brand name in india because some new innovation produst like;sach-much amm,Rajbhag Tub, cappichino delitho is our dood product

    • profile image

      Dab 6 years ago


    • MAINGENIUS profile image

      MAINGENIUS 7 years ago

      Yep Rajesh...and the Kaju Kishmish falvor is also excellent. Dinshaw uses excellent quality milk for its icecream which converts into one of the best icecreams in India...just enjoy!!!

    • profile image

      RAJESH SHRMA 7 years ago