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The best pizza in Denver

Updated on June 14, 2009

This is the good stuff...

Here is one you have to love.  Well, at least I do, and it sure makes me happy.  I can only hope it makes you half at happy as it does me.  In my humble opinion, this stuff is great and fills a great void at a small price. 

I disagree with the assessment that Denver pizza is pretty much crap.  Yeah, there are a lot of bad pizzas out there, especially delivery pizza, but there are some good ones as well.  I am sure you have heard me say this before and, whether you agree or not, I recently had the opportunity to provide visual proof and I took the shots.  What I took pictures of are the famous Joni’s homemade pizzas you have heard me talk about.  Now you can judge for yourself, at least with your eyes. 

Keep in mind that this pizza starts out on Artisan bread purchased from the mark down rack at King Soopers for $1.00.  Any “day-old” or older bread is good except for medium rye or pumpernickel.  I do not know why the older bread works better, but it does, and, even though you might think the newer bread would work better, it does not.  Go with the old stuff.  Joni slices that bread, puts it on cookie sheets and tops it with Organic, Low-Sodium pasta sauce of any kind.  It can be homemade or store bought, either works just as well.  On top of that, she puts a thin layer of cheese.  She calls this the “vegetable glue”.  It holds the vegetables in place.  Be sure to spread it all the way to the edges of the bread. 

On top the sauce and the layer of cheese go the vegetables.  Use any organic, leftover pieces you have or anything you would like to have on your pizza.  Whatever you put on this pizza will taste twice as good as you could ever imagine.  Personally, I love to slice Habanero peppers, but, if you do that, remember to wash your hands thoroughly.  These “economy” peppers save money because a little goes a long way, but also because they have enough power to rank them at 350,000 Scoville units compare to the Jalapeno’s four or five.  Hot stuff, yes, but tangy and nice on just about anything. 

Now, on top of the vegetables you have selected, add seasonings such as pepper flakes or anything else you like and another thin layer of cheese, (preferably soy cheese), just to melt down and hold everything together.  That does work, but it is also a nice reason to just add more cheese, (organic cheese is fine and a lot tastier).  Is there anyone who does not love cheese?  Your pizzas are ready except for the cooking.  Pop them in an oven preheated to 375 degrees for seven minutes.  After seven minutes, pull them out, turn them around, and switch shelves.  Leave them in for another seven to ten minutes.  A good idea for saving energy is to turn the oven off when you do the turn.  The oven will stay hot and you will save a few kilowatts while the pizza finishes it metamorphosis. 

When the pizzas are done and melted to your liking, pull the cookie sheets out, put them on the the counter and allow everything to rest for another five minutes.  If you just can’t wait, that is OK too.  Now, sample the product and decide for yourself if this is not the freshest tasting, delightfully sinful, and, at the same time healthiest pizza you have ever enjoyed. For me, I already know the answer and I truly would pass up anybody’s pizza, (except Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs), to stay at home and gorge on Joni’s.  The only problems with this pizza are that there never seems to be enough, and it is very difficult to stop eating, but, then again, are those really bad problems to have with pizza?  I think not. 


Low-fat, low-sodium, organic sauce with cheese, organic toppings all on Artisan bread.  This might be the definition of ambrosia.
Low-fat, low-sodium, organic sauce with cheese, organic toppings all on Artisan bread. This might be the definition of ambrosia.


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