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The magic bowl

Updated on April 1, 2015

Great Bowl


He had two magic bowls with him

In the morning, Mohamed picked up what he thought was his bowl and set out for his house. When he reached home he told his wife about the magic bowl. He called his two children and asked the bowl to serve good food. But no matter how hard he tried, there was no food from the bowl. His wife was very angry. She flung the metal bowl in one corner. `How could you play such a trick on your poor little children?’ she asked angrily.

Mohamed, too, was surprised. He had seen the bowl provide so many delicious things to eat. He returned to the hermit’s hut with the bowl. When the hermit heard that Mohamed had stayed in his relative house, he gave him other bowl saying, `Take this bowl. Don’t forget to stay in the same house again tonight. Do not sleep at night. Let this bowl do the rest of the work. You will find the first bowl.’

When the wicked lady saw the new bowl with Mohamed, she was sure that it was a magic bowl, which would give her money. At night she stole the bowl from Mohamed. She took the bowl to her room and asked it to give her money. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, many sticks appeared from the bowl and started beating the lady. She ran from the room shouting loudly. Seeing the wicked lady being beaten by the sticks, Mohamed asked her, `have you taken my bowl?’

`yes, I have taken your bowl. Please ask the sticks to stop. I will return your bowl.’ Mohamed took pity on the lady. He asked the sticks to stop. As soon as Mohamed ordered, the sticks disappeared. The lady returned the first bowl to Mohamed.

Mohamed brought the two bowls home. He was a happy man now. He had two magic bowls with him. Whenever they were hungry, Mohamed asked the first bowl to give them food. And whenever someone tried to cheat him, asked the second bowl to give the cheat a beating.


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