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Best Black & Decker Electric Rice Cooker

Updated on February 1, 2011

The best rice cooker to date was a pot of water, uncooked rice and the experience to feel the rice was perfectly cooked. Yes, manually cooking rice is a mystery for most of us. We either burn it to the bottom of the pan or it is dry or sticky. Remember those cooks we all envied who had light, fluffy rice every time? Now we have been fortunate to have invented for us the best Rice Cooker by Black & Decker. While you are busy doing other things and only an occasional check, your rice is cooking fluffy and delicious for you.


I really love this Black & Decker 3-cup Rice Cooker. The features this rice cooker has makes cooking perfect rice every time a sure thing and I think this is the best rice cooker for the price. Measuring about 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 6", it is small enough to fit on your counter, providing accessibility-something you won't have to put away and take out each time.  For those who travel frequently but tire of eating out, take your rice cooker with you; it and a few spices will make a great meal even in a hotel room.

The rice cooker also features an automatic cook and keep-warm setting, with indicator lights telling you which setting it is on. The nonstick pot is removable; making cleanup so easy. When the unit is hot and working, the handles stay cool, handy for moving the unit if you need to. Also, Black & Decker thought of everything by including a serving scoop and measuring cup.

The Ease of Use makes this the Best Rice Cooker

The 3-cup rice capacity of this rice cooker makes the perfect amount of rice for one or two people or for a side dish of the main meal. In fact, one cup of uncooked rice makes a plentiful serving for one person. I can't stress how easy this Rice Cooker is to use. You add the dry uncooked rice (no pre-cooked rice needed here), then measure out and add the water. Turn the Rice Cooker on by just pressing the're done and the machine is ready to cook your rice. Check the unit occasionally and it is fine to stir the rice during cooking; in fact this will help with the process. Once the rice is cooked, the machine automatically switches to keeping your rice warm and ready to serve without being overcooked. It is also fine to switch the unit to the "keep warm" setting early, especially if you need to leave for a time before you are ready to serve your rice, then switch it back to the cooking setting for a few minutes to heat the rice up nice and hot.

Although Black and Decker has included a measuring scoop, the non-stick bowl does have marked lines on it indicating 1-3 cups, giving you a clear view of how much water to add, if you choose to do so first.

A great cookbook for your new Rice Cooker

A rice cooker doesn't have to be used to just make a side dish or base for a meat & sauce mixture. You can also create great soups, stews, chili, puddings, and other grain dishes. The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook is a packed full of rice cooker recipes, 250 of them in fact. It gave me so many new ideas that this handy little appliance can be used for.

With the Black & Decker Rice Cooker being the perfect size and always ready, I keep it on my counter.  The rice cooker and this cookbook combined will help you create something new and delicious often.

With the money you saved on the amazing Black & Decker Rice Cooker, you can get one of these Great Cookbooks!


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