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The Healing Power of Ginger Root

Updated on October 12, 2012
Ginger root
Ginger root

Zingiber officinale or commonly called Ginger is a herb that is widely use to flavor a particular dish as well as to treat and prevent numerous ailments. Ginger was originally cultured in China, and now, ginger is widely used in every house around the globe.

Ginger is very popular for its healing effect. Taking ginger roots as ale and tea can relieve different forms of discomfort and pain. Ailments that are known to be cured by ginger root are listed below. Read on and learn, to appreciate what this small shapely root has given us to cure such ailments. (note: you can easily reach it in your little vegetable garden.)

Ginger root can alleviate fatigue, headache, menstrual cramps, tensed muscles, stomach ache, fever, colds and indigestion. Make a ginger root tea to cure these ailments. Grate a fist-size ginger (peeled or unpeeled). If you don’t want to have a spicy feeling in your hands after grating, just slice the ginger root in small pieces then process it in a food processor. Pour the grated or blended ginger root in a sauce pan with three cups of water. Heat the mixture in low fire. When the water is already hot (not boiling), stop the fire and let it settle for 20 minutes. Slice 2 lemons and get the extract. Crumple or tear three oregano leaves and put it inside the saucepan. After 20 minutes, pour in the lemon extract then add honey to taste.

When you are prone to motion or travel sickness, or you feel nauseated due to pregnancy, chemotherapy, and surgery, drinking ginger root tea is the best and natural way of coping with it. Before traveling, drink one or two cups of ginger root tea. You will feel the ease in traveling without nausea.

Ginger root can also solve sleepless night. Just prepare hot milk and drop 2 teaspoons of grated ginger. Add honey to taste. The combination of milk, honey, and ginger makes tired muscles relaxed and calms the mind, thus promoting a restful sleep.

Ginger root is also popular because of its anti-inflammatory properties. When you have gone through a strenuous exercise, rub a ginger paste in the inflamed muscle areas and use it as massage gel. When your body lacks antioxidants and weakens your immune system, just drink ginger tea often to balance the release of oxidants due to the presence of antioxidants (ginger).

Ginger root may also help lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Regular intake of ginger root tea can stop the aggregation of blood clots. Recently, the American Association for Cancer reported that ginger can suppress cancer cells thus treating different types of cancer.

These are only few examples of the healing power of ginger root. Just take a sip and enjoy that healthy body.


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    • MissDoolittle profile image

      MissDoolittle 5 years ago from Sussex, UK

      I love ginger, in particular ginger cake and biscuits. Such a unique taste but also very good for you.

      I have insomnia and for months have tried various techniques and medications to help me sleep, but have not heard of the ginger in hot milk. I will try this though, as they say small things can sometimes produce big results.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Ginger Teas, Ginger Ales, ginger cookies. My wife who is from SE Asia uses it in soups, stews and always has some ginger candy on hand.

      She says that feeling on your hands is the best way to get healthy ginger.

      Thanks for the nice article

    • Jellybird profile image

      Jellybird 5 years ago

      For those with milk intolerance, heating the ginger with rice milk is a good alternative. Thank you for the reminder.