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These are the world's most harmful cocktails

Updated on February 19, 2013

It is not just the chemical substances in cocktails that are harmful, the large amounts of alcohol can cause heart, liver, stomach and brain damage. Also, a high consumption of spirits has already been linked to cancer and mental problems. Professor Paul Wallace: "The biggest problem with mixing drinks is that this makes it harder to see what you are drinking. Different types of alcohol contain different substances which are created during fermentation, as those get mixed, you get a stronger hangover. '

These are the most dangerous drinks for your health:


In this drink go three shots of 25ml of white, light and dark rum, absinthe and cherry liqueur. It is served with pineapple, lime juice and almond syrup and pomegranate. You can get this drink at Papaji's in Bristol. One serving is enough to meet the daily recommended amount of alcohol. The sugar-rich content of this drink may lead to obesity, and you run a greater risk for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Porn Star Martini

The ingredients are two shots of vanilla vodka, syrup, passion fruit, lime juice and a shot of Prosecco. You can have this drink in the Mint & Lime Bar in Glasgow. This combination not only increases your blood pressure, increases the risk of stroke, stomach problems and cancer.

Long Island Iced Tea

In this alcoholic ice tea go vodka, cointreau, rum, gin, tequila, lime puree and cola. Because of the many different types of alcohol may reduce fertility in both men and women.


This drink consists of two shots of brandy with 40 percent alcohol, absinthe and Peychaud's Bitters. This drink is good for 2.5 units of alcohol, but it could make you develop cirrhosis.

Prohibition Punch

This contains 50ml of vodka and the same amount of rum and coconut liqueur. If you would drink this regularly, then you are more likely to get mouth, neck and throat cancer, women have a 1.2 times greater risk of breast cancer.

Jager Bomb

This is the combination of a shot of Jagermeister and the energy drink Monster. It does not contain much alcohol, but whoever drinks too much energy drinks can harm his body. Because caffeine increases your blood pressure and heart rate, and in some cases may trigger heart palpitations. By mixing it with alcohol until you feel that you're drunk when it is too late.

Green Vespa

This cocktail contains a double portion of gin, a shot of absinthe and two thirds of a shot aperitif wine. It's a powerful mix that accounts for five units of alcohol. It may cause heart and liver diseases and can also lead to sexual dysfunctions.


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