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Coffee Talk

Updated on July 18, 2016

Luke vs. Darth Vader (Light vs. Dark)

Because of your barista, you don't have to know this. Just drink up. But, knowing these things is interesting, I think.

Light Roast
Dark Roast
Caffeine amount is Equal
Sweet and Floral (Earthy) flavors
Bitter, flavor (Sweet)
Decaf Options are Available
More Flavor
Beans roasted longer, at higher temps.
Not necessarily stronger, just different.

Arabica and Robusta

Comparing coffee is not like comparing IPA to Stout. It is not compared by strength. Coffee is compared by richness, complexity, and how the beans are prepared or roasted.

Arabica, is one of the species of coffee that is more common and is 70% of the world's coffee. It primarily originates from Latin America. This type of coffee is known for it's sweeter, softer taste and is most of the times more expensive.

Robusta, is another species of coffee that makes up the other 30% of the world's coffee coming from Africa and Indonesia. Robusta, has two times as much caffeine as Arabica beans and also has a stronger, more harsh taste. These plants produce fruit more quickly do to growing in low altitude areas.

Coffee Grind
Method of "Brew"
Coarse (very chunky)
French Press
Medium Coarse (chunky)
Medium (Kosher Salt Size)
Drip/Machine Drip
Medium-Fine (Little bigger than table salt)
Fine (Table Salt Size)
Aeropress/ Espresso
Turkish (Like Powder Sugar)
Turkish Coffee


Espresso is a higher concentration of coffee, typically a dark roast. Espresso is created by forcing VERY hot high pressure water through very finely ground coffee. This high pressure creates what the coffee guru calls crema. Crema is that creamy, golden layer floating on the top of the espresso shot. By adding skim milk, this helps create that famous latte flavor and texture that most people love.

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is what you wake up to every morning. It is your typical cup of coffee. The best drip coffee is produced with medium coarse grounds. It is processed by pouring water over and passing through a filter. Making it's descent as it exits the filter, into the pot.

Drip coffee has a lower concentration of caffeine when being compared to espresso.

Coffee Health Benefits!

Some interesting health benefits of coffee--

  • The caffeine in coffee can help to ease asthma attacks.
  • People who drink coffee are 50% less likely to get liver cancer than those who avoid the drink.
  • Caffeine helps to increase energy expenditure resulting in burning more calories.
  • Coffee has been linked to improving memory recall.
  • Coffee may also help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's, heart disease, Parkinson's, gout, abd Type 2 diabetes.
  • Coffee may also help lower the risks of breast cancer, rectal and colon cancers.

More Fun Coffee Facts

  • A single cup of coffee can contain 80 to 185 mg.s of caffeine.
  • Coffee beans are actually berries of an evergreen plant.
  • 52% of Americans drink coffee daily.
  • 30% of coffee consumers enjoy drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Which drink do you prefer in the morning?

See results

Not Picky? Try this brand of coffee. It has great flavor!


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