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Thirsty Fellow Restaurant - Columbia, SC

Updated on April 15, 2011

If you find yourself in Columbia, SC and you want a relaxed, home town type of establishment then you need to go to Thirsty Fellow near the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Thirsty Fellow is quickly gaining a local loyal following. The restaurant opened in December of 2009 by local entrepreneurs Willie Durkin, Chuck Belcher and Terry Davis. The bar business is no stranger to Willie or Chuck and Terry was in charge of admissions at the University of South Carolina for 26 years before retiring.

Thirsty Fellow is located on the corner of Devine and Gadson Streets close to, actually within walking distance of, the Carolina Coliseum, the Colonial Center and the University's Greek Village. A new building they are located in an area that has plenty of parking and is an area that shuttles to both South Carolina Football and Baseball games. Thirsty Fellow is a common meeting area for fans going to see any South Carolina college sports including Carolina basketball, both men's and women's that play at the Colonial Center.

Thirsty Fellow is a restaurant first with a bit of the sports bar flair to it. Yes they have nine big screen TVs that show any sports that is on. The restaurant holds about a hundred inside with deck seating for those nice Southern days and evenings.

The menu revolves around their signature pizzas that are all handmade and built to order. The dough is yeast rise dough that has a great taste. They offer both a red and a white variety with the rest of the ingredients chosen to order by the customer. In addition to the pizza there are signature sandwiches such as the Carolina Chicken that has chicken fingers, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a hoagie bun with a chipotle mayonnaise, a killer Philly cheese steak, and an always favorite burger special. Thirsty Fellow offers some appetizers like the stuffed banana peppers that have Italian sausage, dipped in a batter, deep fried then covered in marinara and finished in the broiler. Weekly specials are always featured with an occasional vegetarian dish or sandwich to favor those not interested in meat.

The prices on their entrees rarely top the ten dollar mark and with three dollar pints of beer at all times you can be a thrifty fellow as well as a Thirsty Fellow.

Thirsty Fellow can be hard to get into when there are concerts or live sporting events. Things can run a little slow when the whole restaurant fills up at the same time so plan accordingly. Usually after an event is a great time to wait for the traffic to die down and relax a little while everyone hurries home.

A local owned establishment Thirsty Fellow is a sincere, honest home-town business that should flourish for years to come. They feature food specials and events on their facebook page.

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A markerThirsty Fellow -
621 Gadsden St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA
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Thirsty Fellow Pizzeria and Pub


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