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Thomas’ Corn Toasting Bread vs. Thomas’ Corn Toast R Cakes

Updated on November 16, 2009

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Which Comes Out On Top?

Recently, I sampled two products manufactured by the Thomas’ company. Made famous for their English muffins (The story goes that Samuel Thomas emigrated from England to New York City in 1874 to delight people with his recipe for these special muffins), they have since branched out. In 1996, they began producing bagels. Some time later, they began making toasting/swirl bread. Their most recent product is the “Toast R Cakes.” Being that their English muffins have been a staple in my house since before I was born and that I believe their bagels to be some of the best on the market, it was inevitable that I would try their toasting bread and cakes.

  • Thomas’ Corn Toasting Bread
  • It is described on the Thomas’ website as “Great as a snack or as a side with your favorite meal. Fresh corn bread that your whole family can enjoy.” With this in mind, were you to sample it too, you may be as surprised as I was that the bread doesn’t really taste like corn bread. In truth, it tastes more like white bread with a little extra something thrown in. Oddly enough, it is yellowish in color which is misleading. It is thickly sliced (unless you look only at the heel pieces which are thinly sliced) with a coarse ingredient (I think it’s ground up grain) sprinkled on the crust. To see how it would hold up in the toaster, I toasted my piece of bread. It held up extremely well as expected. For true comparison, I left one half of the slice unbuttered and used low fat butter on the other half. With or without the butter, there is an undetectable corn taste which is very disappointing.
  • It should be noted that when you smell the bread before its been toasted there is a definite corn bread smell. Sampled directly from the bag, it does taste a little like corn bread. Yet, you shouldn’t have to struggle to make the product meet its description. While it is good “yellow in color white bread,” it isn’t what you’d expect from something marketed as corn bread. In short, if you’re in the mood for cornbread, I would suggest you look elsewhere as you won’t find what you’re looking for in this product.
  • Please know that if corn isn’t your thing, but you want to try one of their breads, they also put out an English muffin toasting bread and a swirl toasting bread cinnamon raisin. I’ve been told that the cinnamon raisin is great.
  • Thomas’ Corn Toast R Cakes
  • Described on the Thomas’ website as “That cornbread taste with a Thomas' touch.” I couldn’t agree with them more. While it isn’t exactly cornbread, it is close enough to be called so. Each cake is round/disc like, yellow, moist and sticky. Eating a cake straight from the bag is almost as good as toasting it and, with how good the cakes smell, it is hard to resist the urge to eat them all prior to toasting. As with the toasting bread, I cut a toasted cake in half and compared a buttered portion to an unbuttered portion. Admittedly, the buttered portion is a real treat. However, the unbuttered portion is good too.
  • Yet, even though I praise them, I do have a complaint. They are so moist that they stick to the container and each other. If you pick a top cake, you lose the top layer of your cake, but gain the top layer of the cake below yours. If you end up with only getting to have one of the last cakes, you not only have lost your top layer, but the box will have claimed your most bottom layer too. Had Thomas’ separated the cakes with a piece of wax paper, the cakes would’ve come out more intact. Still, what you do get to eat is excellent.

Clearly, both Thomas’ products have their pros and cons. Where the cakes fail in packaging, the toasting bread reigns supreme. On taste alone, the cakes soar and the bread bores. If you’re in the market for authentic corn bread, the cakes are a near perfect fit. Still, I wouldn’t pass over the bread entirely. Everyone tastes things differently.


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