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Three Basic Tips to Get the Most From Your Power Juicer

Updated on May 11, 2011

Want to Be Healthy? Juice! Want to Get the Most of Your Juicer? Read These Tips!

Jack Lalane, fitness icon, recently passed away in his nineties. Remarkably, he attributed his long health to daily exercise powered by his signature healthy-living tool: his power juicer!

If you want to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, few tools are as beneficial as an electric power juicer. Fresh fruits and vegetables will give up their vital nutrients and fresh juice will pass more of these vitamins on to you than if you purchase premade juice and let it sit in your refrigerator for days or weeks. Getting the most bang for your juicer dollar means keeping it clean, using the freshest-possible fruits and veggies, and finding easy and simple ways to protect your juicer investment. They don't come cheap! Take some simple steps to make sure you're getting the most out of your juicer!

#1-Clean Your Juicer Right Away!

Nothing takes the health benefits of your juice away faster than a juicer that has not been kept clean. Fruit and vegetable pulp splatter everywhere, clogging up the gears, and getting caught in every nook and cranny of your juicer. Be sure to immediately clean your juicer the moment you use it. Don't even drink your juice until your juicer is clean. Making a habit of keeping your juicer clean not only protects your health from bacteria and unwanted additives in your drink, but it helps maintain the juicer to make sure you can use it for years to come!

#2-Put a Grocery Bag in the Refuse Bucket!

Juicers throw out a lot of the pulp and fiber of a fruit or vegetable to get to the vital essence of the food, its vitamins and minerals. That means that anyone who juices daily is going to be dealing with a lot of pulpy, mashed up, chewed up, spit out vegetable matter. This stuff is whipped out of the juicer's main mashing maw into a receptacle that catches all the excess plant matter. Instead of letting the plant matter make a huge mess in your bin, put a plastic grocery bag in the receptacle, to make your clean-up a cinch as you merely remove the bag from the bin, and rinse it out! No more scrubbing elbow-deep to get the mess in the corners of your rubbish bin! Daily cleaning can be a real hassle, and this simple step can ensure that you lessen the burden every time.

#3-Carrots, Celery, and Cucumbers Keep it Clean

When you are juicing, there are three vegetables that are not only staples of delicious, fresh, healthy juice, but do a great job pushing harder, tougher fruits and vegetables straight through, when otherwise chunks and pits would try to hang on in the central spinning cavity. When you are juicing oranges, apples, tomatoes and beets, try to follow-up with a carrot, a cucumber, or a stalk of celery. Leafy greens are great sources of all sorts of minerals and vitamins, from spinach to arugula to turnip greens, but they do not like to push all the way through the swirling teeth of your juicer. Closely following the leafy greens with a carrot or stalk of celery is a great way to push through any lingering bits that would otherwise just go to waste!

I'll Never Forget the First Time I Juiced!

The first time I made fresh, healthy juice I had no idea how much pain my body was in after my work-out, until that pain suddenly stopped. The modern western diet is calorie-rich and nutrient-deficient. We eat too much sugar, sodium, carbs, and protein at the expense of the most important vitamins and nutrients our body needs to lead a happy, healthy, pain-free, and LONG life.

I don't know about you, but I find Jack Lalane's story inspiring. He was able to maintain a strong, healthy level of activity right up until the end of his life. His simple techniques were two hours a day of exercise, and a healthy diet built upon the foundation of fresh, delicious, homemade juice. I may not always have time in my busy life for two hours of exercise, but I make time every morning for some fresh, delicious juice!


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