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Three Easy Recipes for Turnips!

Updated on May 28, 2011

Turnips! How can I prepare them?

Turnips are a healthy and delicious root vegetable common in colder climates, but uncommon in much of America, especially the South and Southwest. Still, they are a delicious vegetable with lots of vitamins and minerals, and as easy to prepare as a potato!

In fact, two of the easiest and most delicious ways to prepare a turnip are exactly like what you'd do with the other popular root, the potato. the big difference, however, is that turnips don't have all those starches and can be an excellent alternative for families that want to encourage their children away from high starch, fatty foods!

Fried Turnips!

The next time you're going to be grilling a burger, consider replacing those French Fries with Turnip Fries! The tangy-sweet taste of fried turnip will be sure to win over your friends and family, and the turnips are delicious by themselves, or even lightly battered.

For a family of four, get about 8 turnips. Chop of the long, thin root tip, and the greens (Keep the greens for cooked greens with like mustard or collard!)

Preheat your fryer or frying pan with peanut or coconut oil, for best flavor, to about 350 degrees, or until a small turnip piece tossed into the fryer starts to sizzle like a French fry.

Peel the turnip, then chop up your turnip into strips about the same size and shape of your favorite French Fries. Drop in the fryer until they reach a nice golden brown and the crispness you prefer. Work fast! They won't take long to cook!

Remove the Turnip fries from the fryer, and season immediately with Celery Salt, Onion Salt, or Garlic Salt. (I like celery! It pairs well with the tang of a turnip!)

These dip well in catsup, but taste even better with a nice bleu cheese or Ranch! Perfect for your next barbecue!

Turnip Mash!

Great alone, or mixed with Cauliflower, a nice mash of turnips is a healthy and delicious alternative to the starch of mashed potatoes. Most of your guests will complement you for your astonishingly rich and flavorful mashed potatoes. A few will be able to guess, because this is an increasingly popular dish!

Clean and peel about 8 white turnips, and slice them into round slices about half an inch thick. Lay them out in a casserole pan with about half an inch of water in it. Bake the turnips and water in a 350 degree oven until they're tender. This is generally about twenty minutes in my oven. Drain the water, and mash the turnips in about half a stick of butter. A little salt, a little pepper, and you've got a bowl of delicious turnip mash!

If you have fresh Italian parsley, you could throw it into the mash for a touch of green, or a little bit of paprika for the smoky sweetness. Whatever you do, be prepared to run out. Turnip mash is a popular dish, with lots of flavor compared to bland, boring mashed potatoes!

Turnip BLT Dagwood-style Sandwiches!

Here's what you'll need:

  1. Fresh Turnip
  2. Fresh Jicama (or Beets, or Radish, or Carrots! Any other fresh root will do!)
  3. Fresh Radish
  4. Bean Sprouts
  5. Cream Cheese (For best results, Veggie or Chive)
  6. Fresh Spinach
  7. Sweet Red Pepper
  8. Tomato
  9. Swiss Cheese
  10. Rye Bread
  11. Crispy Bacon in Strips

Slice your roots into thin strips about an inch across, and slice your tomato for a sandwich!

Put the Veggie cream cheese down on both sides of your rye bread to hold it all together! Put the Spinach down first, right on the bottom! Then, the root vegetables!

Lay down your turnips and jicama like fish scales, with one row of turnips overlapping jicama, which overlaps turnips, which overlaps jicama.

Put your bacon right on top of your roots, with tomato slices on top of the bacon. Next, put your slice of Swiss cheese, and another thin smear of cream cheese on top of the Swiss to keep the bean sprouts in place. Then, you guessed it, bean sprouts! Sweet red pepper on top will keep everything in place for the final slice of rye!

This delicious, and flavorful sandwich will be thick and hearty and sure to win over the palettes of anyone in doubt about the taste of turnips. In sandwiches, the tart tang of turnip are particularly delicious with cool Jicama and bacon!


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