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Three Floyds: Brian Boru Old Irish Red Ale

Updated on March 24, 2012
Brian Boru Old Irish red Ale
Brian Boru Old Irish red Ale | Source

Three Floyds is a small brewery located in Munster, Indiana. A small family business originally started by brothers Nick and Simon along with their Dad Mike Floyd. Three Floyds. I bet you thought it was three guys with the first name Floyd! Like "Floyd the Barber" from Mayberry?! Mayberry was probably a bit to boring for these boys, and Andy probably would have thrown them in the slam for being moonshiners. The brews they produce are known for defying conventional standards. It say right on the bottles, "It's not normal"! Brian Boru Old Irish Red Ale is one of their many seasonal selections. I would like to see Brian Boru unleashed on Mayberry. Maybe lay siege to the barber shop, steal Andy's girlfriend Helen Krump, or how about an epic broadsword battle with Barney?!

Irish Red Ale
Irish Red Ale | Source


Let's start with the listed stats: 5.5% ABV, 40 IBUs

Brewed with several malts and Amarillo hops

Fun Fact - Most varieties of hops, may be acquired and grown by purchasing rhizomes, Amarillo Hops are privately grown only by Virgil Gamache Farms.

The pour produces a very nice thick, three finger, creamy head with excellent lacing and retention. The color is a medium amber. Piney, and citrusy aroma with a hint of pineapple in the mix. All around, nice to look at and very appetizing so far! Now the real test!

Three Floyds
Three Floyds | Source


Medium mouthfeel. I really get the sweet toffee taste on the tip of the tongue. roasted caramel in the overall taste with slightly bitter dry finish.

Brian Boru and Zakk Wylde
Brian Boru and Zakk Wylde | Source


This beer is what it claims, not a normal red. The amarillo hops really pop. (Sounds like a good Dr Seuss book for hop heads!) They are really out front in this beer. Very drinkable beer that will please any "real" beer lover. Don't buy this expecting Killian's! That would be an insult to Brian Boru and I would hate to see him kill or maim you! Brian Boru is definitely different from other Reds and leans a little more towards the IPA side on the hop factor. $6.99 a bottle here in the Great State of Ohio which just happens to be right next to Indiana.

Musical Pairing: Black Label Society "Order of the Black" OverLord- I could picture Brian Boru singing "I am your Overlord' everything above and below" while mercilessly crushing Mayberry. Meanwhile Barney and Andy tremble with fear in a corner of the sherif's office waiting for their demise. "Floyd" the Barber will of course be spared.



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