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Three systems of menu preparation

Updated on June 27, 2010

Dining out

When dining out or even discussing dinning one may hear phrases such as a la carte. Some even use such phrases and do not quite know what the phrase means.

À la carte

French expression meaning "from the card". Each course items is priced individually. For example the soup, salad and entree are each priced individually.

Table d'hôte

French phrase which literally means "host's table". This type of menu preparation is one in which the price of multiple course items are charged as one. Imanagine visiting your favorite steak restaurant. You order the steak dinner that includes two sides and a salad for only $12.99 and a chicken meal with all the same include it only $10.00.

Prix Fixe

This term mean fixed price. The is a menu consiting of multiple courses for on fixed price, reguardless of the entree selected.


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