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How To Tip

Updated on June 19, 2012


In the United States tipping your waiter is expected. A tip is a payment for your server or waiter for services rendered. Usually, you will expected to leave a tip based on the service provided. However you can leave whatever you want based on how the service was.

- Did your food come on time?, If not try and find out why before you don't tip your server

- Was your waiter nice and friendly?

Also it is important to remember that when you don't leave a tip, the waiter usually has to tip out other people. For instance, If a waiter made $50 dollars one night he still has to tip his bartender, food runner, and busser a percentage of what he/she earns. The percentage of tip out varies per restaurant.

So before you don't leave your waiter a tip make sure your doing it for the right reason. This might leave your waiter upset and he may not want to serve you again. Leaving a good tip is just good karma also.

Now lets talk about how much to leave. If you want to leave a good tip 20% is the standard. Most people tip between 15-20% of the bill. So if your bill is $100 dollars you should 15-20 dollars for your server.


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